Hoboken Week in Review – 4/5/2009


Hoboken411 Weekly Wrap Up

Get out there and enjoy the day – as Monday will be rainy and wet!


So, what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, April 5th, 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. Picardo denied variance
    A year long Zoning Board debacle reaches a milestone – stay tuned for appeals and court cases!
  2. GROSS!
    Hoboken’s aging infrastructure makes an appearance once again – in the shape of nauseatingly brown water.
  3. PATHS!
    Hoboken bike lanes are getting prepared in the back of town. Some support them – others see it as a waste.
    The Hoboken Board of Education budget squeaks by the board – now it’s up to you to vote NO or YES at election time.
  5. NOISY!
    One uptown resident gets jostled awake each week by Starbuck’s delivery trucks.
    The most recent installment of the city council meeting was quite uneventful…
  7. SWEATY!
    NJ Transit’s bottom-of-the-barrel perspiration transports become an issue once again.
  8. GRAVY!
    The infamous secret sandwiches from a 30 Rock episode originated in Hoboken!

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😆 Love the graphic! That’s probably what Suze Orman would have said, too.

Happy Sunday (literally), all!