Brown Water?

4/5/2009 Update:

Still brown for you?

Several people mentioned the still have brown water – and Hoboken411 reader Jill said “Does anyone know why the drinking water in Hoboken for the last 48 hours has been brown? They are telling you not to drink the water at the Hoboken board of health. It’s in all the gyms in Hoboken of notice on the doors.”

Heading over to the United Water website (nice redesign by the way) – and typing in 07030 – returns “no alerts.”



Several readers have noticed brown water coming from their taps in the downtown area.

Hoboken Police mentioned that United Water is aware of the problem somewhere in the vicinity of the Hoboken/Jersey City border – and is attempting to pinpoint the source and rectify the situation.


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In previous episodes of “Brown Water”, I think that only certain parts of Hoboken suffered from discolored H20. Well, with the exception of the Summer of 2007… when our water supply went bye-bye for about 24 hours and, upon its return, bestowed us with temporary gross fluids that needed to be boiled prior to consumption.

In this episode, however, we all seem to be witnessing chocolate skim streaming from our faucets. So let’s all be patient about it– this will pass.


But MF! When Koch went pee-pee into the toilet on that fateful day, the water probably became just as yellow as the water depicted in the photo above.

Can’t you see how it all ties in together? :mrgreen:


i HAVE written UW in the past over the MANY incidents that happen in Hoboken. dealing with them is like dealing with communist Cuba. as in, “no, everything’s fine here, everyone has bread and water and good schooling and medicine.” UW is carefree and vague in their “guidance” when you contact them. so i’ve come to realize they suck and are a collosal waste of time to deal with.


Received out of nowhere some brown water over night. Not last night, not this morning. But 1:30 am.


[quote comment=”147178″]i’m confused. you people are so random. this is a posting about brown water and you’re talking about ed koch and times square in the 1980s?!??!!?

what’s the deal here? UW claims that one area at a time will be worked on between now and June in terms of “flushing the system” (whatever that means) and yet if anyone here has been paying attention – and not posting about Robert Moses – people in MANY areas of the City have reported brown water – a very thorough distribution. so does it take a rocket scientist to realize there are holes in UW’s rhetoric, as usual?!

anyone care, or no?[/quote]

MF, no tangential discussions allowed? Yes, sir! Obviously the problem of brown water was addressed, but how many posts can possibly be generated about brown water. Call UW with your complaints. If tangential discussions bother your delicate sensibilities so much ask 411 to remove them. Some people like to complain about everything…