Readerpix: HFD in action


A regular Hoboken411 reader sent in this photo of our brave Fire Department responding to one of the many calls they take daily. No attribution was necessary…

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 4/2/2009

“Just after 4pm on St. Paddy’s Day, less than 24 hours after the real fire uptown, fire trucks converged from all directions at the intersection of 2nd and Clinton. A man working across the street from Grimaldi’s pizzeria said no one who knew anything about the neighborhood would have called 911, since the pizzeria stokes the coal oven, emitting the same exact odor, at the same exact time evey afternoon.”

411 Note: I heard this call on the police radio – and it was just a concerned citizen who was unaware of the smoke conditions that Grimaldi’s often produces when the fire up the over. Like they say “better safe than sorry!” right?


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I saw the HFD there on Sunday talking to two girls in short shorts…would have taken a pic but Biffy thinks my picture ideas are laim so I refrained. 🙄 Maybe the HFD is there not for the smoke that Grimaldi causes but possible the fire that might happen with those two ladies.


Cool. I LOVE Grimaldi’s. Love, love, lovelovelove Grimaldi’s!


Very nice pic. . .out of curiosity, around 10:25 pm last night there was a lot of police/fire activity in that area again. Anyone know what was up?