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If any of you have used Delivery.com – you’re most likely on the mailing list when new restaurants are added to the delivery area.

Being the curious guy that I am – I’m going to experiment with as many delivery.com restaurants outside of Hoboken as I can.

That will primarily include pizza places at first (pizza is God’s gift to us) – and will be part of a new series called:

Delivery.com Adventures: Buon Appetito

So one of the latest emails compelled me to search around – and see what other pizza options I had. After flip-flopping a bit – I chose Buon Appetito (MENU).

Buon Appetitio is located at 345 Grove Street in Jersey City, and I was a bit concerned about delivery time. But since I ordered lunch during a weekday – I felt the experiment wouldn’t be a complete disaster due to lack of traffic congestion near the Holland Tunnel.

What did I order?

I wanted to choose something that most Hoboken pizza places didn’t have on their menu. The first thing that stood out was the multi-cheese pizzas. Four Cheese and Five Cheese. I picked the five cheese version (medium), because I was curious what swiss cheese would taste like on a pie! And since they required a minimum $20 purchase – I also added a really basic chicken cutlet sandwich to round out the order.

Let the adventure begin…

How long did it take?

I clicked “submit” on the webpage – and the food arrived in exactly 45 minutes. The driver was a bit stunned because I opened the door before he rung the bell (I am on lookout at all times, because Oscar – the 411 mascot – goes “bark-listic” when the bell rings).

Anyway – I pay the guy – and interestingly, he asks me “What is with you Hoboken people – we get SO MANY deliveries here! Is the pizza in town no good?” and I became optimistic that there’s something good about the food! He did add that it’s a pain to deliver in Hoboken during busier hours – but has no issues with weekday lunch runs (no not those runs).

Verdict: Buon Appetito wins another shot

For starters – the food was reasonably priced. That is key, especially in today’s economic climate. The food – while purely an experiment – was surprisingly good. I happened to enjoy the pie, the consistency of the crust, and amount of toppings. Good bang for the buck. Will I order swiss cheese again? Probably not – it doesn’t melt right or belong on pizza. The chicken sandwich was basic – nothing to rave about – but at the same time not awful.

I’ll try them again with something standard such as a pepperoni pie – and see how that compares to Hoboken pizzerias.

Has anyone tried Buon Appetito yet?

Description: Italian pizza restaurant with large menu of food choices. MENU
Address: 345 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ
Phone: 201-985-8200
Web: Delivery.com (note delivery to Hoboken is $20 minimum)

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Hey 411, you should try Donna Bella Pizza in Jersey City Heights at 115 Bowers St. If you do, you must try the Penne Vodka Pizza. (Can’t vouch for their regular pie, as I haven’t had) It is delicious, and I can’t seem to find it from Hoboken pizzerias. Also, their garlic knots are very good and cheap. Each time I’ve had them deliver, it has been in the 40 minute range, and arrives nice and hot.


YUM! I didn’t even know that pizzas were made with more than two types of cheese. Nice pics!


Hi, I’m Mel, the VP of Communications & Marketing for Delivery.com. I love your posts and want to thank you for taking the time to write about this. I love your contest and we at Delivery.com want to help. Be in touch – you can find me on Twitter – I’m Deliverydotcom! 😀 😛 😆 ❗ ❗