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Anyone have the 8900?

blackberry-8900-curve.jpgI’ve been a Blackberry user since they were the size of pagers – and didn’t even had a phone!

And being a T-Mobile customer, I haven’t had the luxury of trying out the Blackberry Bold, which is a high-speed 3G device not yet available. However, TMO recently released the 8900, which is essentially a “Bold-Mini,” the next generation Curve model that has all the bells and whistles – minus the 3G speed. Perfectly sized with a great screen and keyboard.

It’s hands-down the best Blackberry I’ve had the opportunity to use (thanks to those Ameritel guys who had it when no one else did!).

But even a near-perfect device can have flaws. And in this instance, there is one particular problem with the browser that I cannot solve. The phone beautifully displays most websites just like you’d see on a regular computer – which has made my life a bit easier. But the defect that’s killing me now is that you cannot really fill out web forms properly. Such as the comment box here on Hoboken411 – you barely type one sentence! It doesn’t understand the size of the box, thus rendering it useless to use on my own site.

I had bumped into some RIM developers a couple weeks ago – and they said they’d look into it – but nothing yet.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there already a solution I don’t know about?

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H411 uses a lot of javascript and stuff like that. I end up blocking a bunch of it to make it load faster but I can never get it working on any mobile opera implementations.


This phone is coming to AT&T in a few weeks and they have a Verizon model coming out too.

Everyone slams the phone for not having 3G. Problem is that 3G costs $30 extra a month. That’s crazy, i’m not paying for that.

I will happily use this phone for texting, calling, pictures and games…and use WiFi if I have an internet hotspot.