City Council – 4/1/2009 recap

4/2/2009 Update:

A weak city council meeting indeed

city-hall-thumbnail.jpgThe Hoboken City Council continues to resist Lame Duck Mayor Dave Roberts’ effort to push through flawed redevelopment plans and change large portions of the zoning law.

As Hoboken411 predicted, no vote was taken on the Western Edge Redevelopment Zone, with no action expected before the next Mayor takes office. Yet another attempt to hand NJ Transit Rail Yards planner FXFowle more money was tabled by a 4-3 vote. The contract extension was placed back on the agenda by the outgoing Mayor, who wants to see 78 story towers built in downtown Hoboken. The council disagrees, and wants FXFowle to come state why they should continue to be retained when the public has so overwhelmingly rejected the work they’ve done so far. Nobody on the council is happy with it.

Several first readings on ordinances were tabled, including both zoning issues which were sent to committee. The Maxwell Place field easement also goes to committee. The council approved first reading on a redevelopment ordinance that would raise the height of the proposed Water Music project in the Northwest Redevelopment Area to a height equal to over 14 stories. This after it was originally billed as 10. Though the vote to introduce was smooth, it does not guarantee it will pass after a public hearing.

Notable quotes include Dawn Zimmer declaring that she was indeed in favor of redevelopment as long it’s done properly, which was pretty much the same thing some Zimmer supporters have been attacking Beth Mason for saying a few meetings ago.

Watch the meeting on Channel 78, if you are suffering from insomnia. These things are going to be pretty tedious until the election is over.

See original agenda and resolution pack – after the jump…


Besides the Western Edge Redevelopment – there is plenty more on the agenda tonight.


Meeting starts at 7pm in the city council chambers.


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I saw the name Rockefeller Group – Doesn’t Raul Morales Jr. work for them?


Let play the fact’s card…There are plenty to help voters to select the new leaders to right this sinking ship. Just the fact’s mame’. 💡


[quote comment=”147129″]Calling me a racist when I took pictures of the investors and how they were dressed is inaccurate. [/quote]

Confused again Margaret? I called you a racist NOT because you took pictures of the investors (which, honestly, is a little weird), but because YOU put the emphasis on the word ‘turban’. Let’s review:

“Margaret wrote:

I brought this up, with PICTURES of the INVESTORS in their TURBANS and their lawyers at the MULTI-SERVICE CENTER DOWNTOWN”

See? It’s right there in all CAPS. Emphasis yours, not mine.

Want to go one step further? Ok!

[quote comment=”146611″]see the VICE PRESIDENT who inspired all of this (CHINESE fella) and see their plans for US…[/quote]



1. “emarche is the cause of much of the dirt on this site”. No I’m not. Admittedly, I do show no mercy when I encounter buffoons on this site, but generally I’m a fountain of helpful information and positive commentary. One thing’s for certain: I’d never make a crass remark about someone’s turban – that’s offensive, completely devoid of wit or humor.
2. Subpoena for what? You made a disgusting comment about someone on the basis that they wear a turban – that’s racist, but it’s also in print…right here in this thread. Then you accuse me of doing things I’ve never done, namely:

“accused me of stealing money from a poor box, then I became a child molester”

Where and when did I say that or make those accusations? I never did. Prove me wrong, Margaret, and I’ll gladly apologize.

Bottom line: It’s fairly obvious to me (and, I’m sure, others) that you’re embarrassed by your disgusting and ignorant remarks. If you’re as positive an influence upon this community as you like to think you are, then why resort to such racist remarks? That’s not very positive Margaret. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s actually a very negative thing to bring to our diverse community.


emarche is the cause of much of the dirt on this site. The namecalling and insults …If I ever find you there will be subpeona filed with your name on it. Go to the meetings, get involved, sign petitions, join with people to stop overdevelopment and get a life, a real one….Help Hoboken, don’t hurt it… 🙂