Healthy for Life

CLOSED SPRING 2016. Became Hudson Place Realty.

Delicious and Healthy


This is a new entry for Healthy for Life Meals & Supplements (replacing re.juice.a.nation).

If I can remember to eat sensibly – Healthy for Life should be a regular spot for Hoboken411 from now on!

I stopped in a couple weeks ago to say hi (and several times since) – a fantastic Hoboken addition! Healthy for Life serves all sorts of smart meals – including wraps, smoothies and other entrees. My favorite so far is the blackened chicken wrap + three hard boiled eggs combo. Tasty, fills you up nice, all while reducing the grease!

See Menu Here – and note that they have ongoing $1 off specials on Monday & Tuesdays – as well as other coupons on the menu. My next taste will a breakfast wrap of some variety.

What is your favorite concoction at Healthy for Life?

Description: Healthy varieties of wraps, entrees, smoothies and more
Address: 150-154 14th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: none that I know of
Phone: 201-683-8554 Fax: 201-683-8555
MENU: Click to read

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I go here at least once a week and cant get enough. The portions are perfect, the ingredients fresh, and the service is quick/friendly. But more importantly, the food is delicious. I think this is one of best eateries in Hoboken hands down.


Is this only uptown? Is the downtown still rejuice a nation? If so that sucks because the menu looks awesome!


Hey guys! This is Angela from Healthy for Life and on behalf of myself, the owners Rick and Justin (and everyone else who has taken the time out of their day to making this idea possible) we would like to thank you so much for your time! Your smiles and great cheer are making this experience a pleasurable one! =D It’s quite humbling to hear someone say “that was GREAT!” or “yummy!”. In fact, our goal is to hear that response from EVERY customer that walks in! Let’s face it, no one is perfect. All we can do is take your comments and suggestions and use that information to make CHANGES. We want to keep the store open because we firmly believe that a healthy and well portioned diet is important! If there is EVER a time you order something from us and you are not satisfied, PLEASE notify one of us! It will be taken care of! We are finally posted on (=…today was our third day using this service, they have been so great! We however, are still getting the hang of it, so please bare with us! I guess that is all for now! Stop in even if it’s just to check us out or say hello! 😛


energy kitchen has portion sizes for gerbils. there IS a happy medium between mcdonald’s and eating like an anoxeric.

i’d worry the same thing about this place.. i hope i’m wrong.


anyone else try this place yet? my mouth just watered reading the menu – i think i’ll likely try this place sooner than energy kitchen. but i’m really glad hoboken is increasing the number of relatively-healthy fast-food-delivery options.