Retraction denied by council candidate


Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition member Sara Stojkovic is a bit miffed at Dawn Zimmer running mate Dave Mello – for failing to follow-through with a retraction letter that was promised as a result of some blatant misinformation that was “printed” a few weeks ago:


Clearing up the FACTS:

“Four years ago, we remember the Roberts Team and their pretty park pictures promising acres of new parks. To date not one of those parks has been completed. Pier C Park isn’t open. 1600 Park remains a weeded lot. We don’t have a western edge greenway. Most important for Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition, is that we don’t have a park in the southwest part of town.

Now, as the 2009 election is in full swing, we know candidates will be making “claims” about their involvement in supporting new open spaces and parks. Therefore, when necessary, the executive board of HSPC will be issuing statements about candidates’ claims to prevent any distortion of the facts, specifically about their support of the southwest park and the efforts of HSPC.

The first candidate we wish to address is council-at-large candidate Dave Mello.

In his announcement, Mr. Mello says he was a founding member of the Save Block 11 group. This claim is false.

Mr. Mello was approached by the executive board of HSPC in the spring of 2008 to lead the Save Block 11 group. He accepted, but after six weeks of inaction by Mr. Mello, it was obvious he had dropped the ball, so in April 2008, HSPC organized a community meeting at the home of Jim Vance to bring in over forty residents from the neighborhood to get the group started and moving forward. Mr. Mello did not attend the meeting. However, three 4th ward residents, Robert Hazaga, Mohit Thawani, and Russ Pechman graciously stepped up at that meeting and volunteered to run the group, hire an attorney, and raise funds to pay the legal expenses.

Mr. Mello also says he was a member of the southwest parks group. This is true, but only to a point.

The majority of the current members of HSPC’s Executive Board and Advisory Boards have each put in two to five years of very hard work for HSPC. Work that always involves a huge personal commitment in time and money. During his short tenure in the park group, four months over the summer and fall of 2006, Mr. Mello attended our park meetings, but the “heavy lifting” and financial obligations were performed by others. Mr. Mello did speak out at some city meetings that pertained to the SW park and we genuinely appreciated that, however, for him to take credit for anything beyond that is simply dishonest.

Finally, two weeks ago, it was stated in the paper that Mr. Mello was involved in the creation of HSPC’s comprehensive proposal SW6: A Greener, Greater Hoboken. This is false. We asked Mr. Mello to submit a correction to the paper but that correction did not appear. Mr. Mello was never involved in the SW6 effort.

While HSPC will not be endorsing any candidates in this election, we do feel it vitally important that you, the voter, have accurate information.


Executive Board of HSPC
Nishant Amin
Christopher Gizzi
Sara Stojkovic

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[quote comment=”145816″]not to fear, you can always count on the kindness of strangers.[/quote]
But I know you, does this mean I can’t count on your kindness? Shucks.

strand tramp
strand tramp

not to fear, you can always count on the kindness of strangers.


[quote comment=”145808″]the worst time in history for lawyers…whaa whaa whaa. welcome to Comrade Obama’s America.[/quote]
You know. . .I’m just glad I still have a job. Seriously.

strand tramp
strand tramp

the worst time in history for lawyers…whaa whaa whaa. welcome to Comrade Obama’s America.


[quote comment=”145802″]From Katie:

On a separate note, I was made aware that Ines Garcia-Keim was supposed to be on Beth’s ticket– up until just before the tickets were announced — It’s really too bad that she isn’t, she’s definitely honest and could redeem the ticket.

Ines is the campaign chair. Jake Stuiver is the campaign manager.[/quote]
I don’t know what the difference is (sorry). But I meant Ines on the ticket. She’s trustworthy. It would redeem the other two less palatable candidates (but in all honesty, the votes Beth has made recently have sucked pretty bad, so probably not even Ines could have changed some of our minds – mine included).

Strand Tramp, that week showed more than 1100 layoffs, 800 on the 12th alone. You have to understand, this is arguably the most difficult period in history to be a lawyer. Firms are imploding (four major ones at last count, in as many months) and every firm is doing layoffs, salary freezes/cuts, reduction in expenditures and pushing back start dates. It’s a bad situation. Probably almost as bad as the finance industry’s. We’re representing those people!