Chris Carbine: Council Candidate

Election Season 2009:

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Independent Council Candidate Christopher Carbine

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Phone: 201-546-4918
Candidates Email:
Campaign Managers Email:
Campaign Headquarters: 519 Willow St. Apt. 4L

Please look at “” to learn about Chris Carbine and his campaign. Citizens of Hoboken, my name is Chris Carbine. I am an IT specialist at Chelsea Technologies who moved to Hoboken in 2000 and am proud to call this city my home. Hoboken has a wealth of motivated and talented artists, students and entrepreneurs. We have a blend of people born here, longtime residents and newcomers that gives our community its special character. I am running for City Council to keep this uniqueness alive. For to long we has been ruled by developers, unions, and machine politicians. With a zeal for greater power they even closer to destroying our heritage. There is an insidious array of redevelopment projects still in the works. Instead of projects proportional to the scope of our city we give sweetheart tax breaks to developers of valuable property and eminent domain easements exempt from property tax increases, ultimately fleecing taxpayers. The most obvious example is the out of scale waterfront buildings and the fact that Mayor Roberts campaign funding relied heavily on developer donations. Spending on municipal employee unions has spun out of control and City Hall has been only to happy to fold their hand at the poker table. Our police chief earns more than NYC Chief Ray Kelly. Being a one square mile town, this is no longer affordable. Our public employees provide a valuable service to our community but all of us must share this burden. In these hard times everyone has… Read more »