Frank Orsini: Mayoral Candidate

Election Season 2009:

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Independent Mayoral Candidate Frank Orsini

Phone: n/a
Candidates Email:
Campaign Managers Email: n/a
Campaign Headquarters: n/a

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Should also be prosecuted as de-facto aggravated littering! Why are flyers the car owner’s problem?


I can’t stand the folks who leave stuff on my car. I don’t care who you are, stop. That junk just gets tossed on the ground by half the car owners. Every time I see cars papered w/ flyers in parking lots, I always see those same flyers littering the ground.


As strand tramp indicates & IMO flyers on public property should be torn down by the first witnessing citizen unless they affect the parking regulations of the area in question. Signs on telephone poles should just be ripped down, signs on anything metal or living should be ripped down and fine the offender. If someone wants to hand out flyers fine, the candidate is then to be liable for litter of same in a two block radius. Any simply “vote for Joe Blow” need be on consenting private property. C’mon, this type of signage is just rude and doesn’t positively impact anyone’s voting decisions. However, it is often helpful in finding out who owes who a favor. Altruistically, what percentage is because the poster believes what the person stands for (other than possibly their job)?


[quote comment=”151555″]Your real smart.[/quote]

Ok, that’s just hilarious. Thanks.

strand tramp
strand tramp

i tear down all posted flyers regardless of the info; i started with the fraud “moving company” ones taped everywhere and now just pull down every single one i see. you would be surprised how many you can tear down in a walk down the street. i especially like tearing down the ones nailed into living trees. the Smashery likes to nail things into the tree in front of their store. people think they can ren a marketing campaign on the pole in front of my building.