Hobokenpix: View from Church Square


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken Photo of the Day – 3/29/2009

Today’s shot has a lot of recent relevance embedded in it:

  • Naturally, it was taken in Church Square Park – a hot button park throughout the years – with trees, artificial turf, and much more!
  • Our Lady of Grace Church is partially in the view – with the Hoboken Mayoral and Council Debates taking place next month!
  • And of course – Church Towers, which has been beaten to death on Hoboken411 – where it is no longer relevant or meaningful, just annoying!


PS – if you have images collecting dust on your camera or hard drive – send them in for eventual inclusion on Hoboken411! Please state how you’d like to be credited in your email, and a description – if desired!!

PS: Talk about the picture – not about the links! You want to discuss any of the linked stories in this thread? GO TO THAT STORY AND DISCUSS IT. I don’t provide links for show!!!

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Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor
Sunday, March 29, 2009 8:00 pm

what is the difference between Hobokenpix and Readerpix? I have a photo that I would like to contribute, but being that it is a photo of a place in Hoboken AND I am a reader, I am not sure which one to request it be uploaded under.

Thanks in advance for any clarification H411 –

Sunday, March 29, 2009 7:35 pm

Just the sight of OLG school will give me nightmares for weeks. I went from K to 8th there and still have the mental scars from sisters Benito Mussolini and Ho Chi Minh and the rest of the penquins boy they were tough.

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