Ameritel T-Mobile – Doomed?

6/24/2009 Update:

What happened?

Just a few weeks ago – Ameritel T-Mobile (732 Washington St.) had a karaoke giveaway promotion at their store – and now it’s for rent!

I recall them talking about moving to a better Hoboken location – but couldn’t find it yesterday, and they didn’t return my emails or phone calls. Anyone see this pop up somewhere else?


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Another directory addition today: Ameritel (exclusive T-Mobile dealer) – 732 Washington. This replaced the old Washington Convenience a while back.

I’ve actually shopped here since I have T-Mobile service – and these guys are quite resourceful!


Description: Exclusive T-Mobile dealer, phones, accessories, etc.
Address: 732 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-526-4707

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