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4/5/2009 Bump:

Want to discuss your candidate? Or talk about why you will or won’t vote for a particular candidate or campaign slate?


Each candidate and/or slate has it’s own section

It’s been broken down as follows: Major Mayoral Candidate and their slates (3), independent Mayoral Candidates (3) and independent Council candidates (5).

In each section – PLEASE limit your conversations to the pros and cons of the candidates themselves. Do not drag other candidates into the mix or make comparisons. That doesn’t help others whatsoever. It’s not a competition – it’s a place to discuss the qualifications (or lack thereof) each candidate has. COMMENTS OFF TOPIC WILL BE REMOVED.

Campaign managers for each candidate (or the candidates themselves) are WELCOME to publish press releases in their respective posts.

Major Campaign Tickets

Independents for Mayor

Independents for Council

You can read original summaries of the non-major candidates after the jump.

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And now, the candidates

The deadline to file petitions to run for Mayor and Council-at-Large passed at 4pm yesterday. Here’s the preliminary list of candidates who filed petitions in the order presented by City Clerk James Farina:

  • Elizabeth Mason for Mayor with Raul Morales II, Anthony Pasquale, and Vincent Addeo for Council
  • Peter Cammarano for Mayor with Frances Rhodes-Kearns, Angel L. Alicea, and Michael J. Novak for Council
  • Dawn Zimmer for Mayor, with Ravinder Bhalla, David Mello and Carol Marsh for Council

Independents filing for Mayor (no associated slate)

  • Frank Orsini
  • Ryn Melberg
  • Thomas F. Vincent

Independents for Council-at-Large (no associated slate)

  • Patricia Waiters
  • Richard Tremitiedi
  • Dave Carty
  • Christopher Carbine
  • Timothy Occhipinti

So who are these Independents?

History is not on the side of independent candidates who run in citywide Hoboken elections for Mayor and Council. Independents usually break down into three categories of motivation:

  • They are running to sincerely make a point they are passionate about, or
  • They are running to make a deal/get a job/be bought off, or
  • They are placed in the race by a major candidate that is hoping a crowded field with force a runoff.

Continue reading below…

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(Hoboken Election Roundup, continued…)

Which candidates fall into which categories? It remains to be seen, but here’s some quick background on some of these “Independents.”

Orsini, Melberg and Vincent

tom-vincent-ryn-melberg-frank-orsini-hoboken.jpgFrank Orsini is a friend of Mayor David Roberts, who appointed him to the Planning Board a few years back. Orsini has been active in various political campaigns during his 18 years in Hoboken.

Ryn Melberg was introduced to Hoboken politics during the Marsh-for-Mayor campaign four years ago, and has been bouncing between political factions since. Melberg was thought to be a finalist for Peter Cammarano’s ticket before she lost her Hoboken Democratic Party committee seat to Theresa Minutillo.

Tom Vincent is a longtime staple on Hoboken’s music scene with a day job in the IT field. All three face extremely long odds against the three full slates of candidates.

Five independents file for council

tremitiedi-council-profile.jpgPatricia Waiters has a beef with Hudson County and has not been shy about her complaint. Ms. Waiters was terminated from her job as a county corrections officer in 2007 and has been battling in state and federal courts to be reinstated.

Richard Tremitieidi is the former Fire Chief who ran unsuccessfully against Beth Mason in the Second Ward race two years ago. He has stayed very active in city affairs since, weighing in on several issues first as one of Mayor Roberts’ “$1 a year advisors” and then when Roberts refused to take his advice, as a taxpayer advocate.

Dave Carty is the treasurer of the Stevens Cooperative School with an MBA in finance and marketing from NYU who is currently a stay-at-home dad caring for his three kids. Carty was also a member of Mayor Roberts’ defunct “Open Space Committee,” which resigned en masse several years ago in disgust when it became clear Roberts had no intention to act on their advice.

Christopher Carbine is a young Republican who actively supported Ron Paul for President. Carbine is an engineer with Chelsea Technologies. His campaign manager is Scott Siegel, who can frequently been seen at City Council meetings commenting on the status of the government.

Timothy Occhipinti submitted his petitions, but was left off of the official City Clerk’s official list of candidates by mistake. Occhipinti’s political experience includes once being elected President of the Rockland Community College Student Council. He has only lived in Hoboken for about two years. Occhipinti works for an asset management company in information technology, and has set up a website for his campaign.

Hey, what happened to all the others?

scott-delea.jpgYou may be wondering about all the other names that were thrown around as potential candidates elsewhere. Hoboken411 made a point not to mention everyone who was rumored to be running because it was essentially an utter waste of time. Now that the petitions are in, we can take a look back at some of those who didn’t file (yawn).

Frank Raia – Members of Pupie’s Posse apparently made a mad dash at the last minute to gather petitions to run him for Mayor, but couldn’t make the deadline. Pupie is always a factor in citywide campaigns, and the three major candidates will probably seek his support.

Steve Cappiello – The former 3-time Mayor decided to be Rich Tremitiedi’s campaign manager instead. But the coffee and cake parties at the senior building were a hoot!

Tom (Elks) Foley – Never was likely to win, but was always a threat to pull votes away from other candidates, the city’s coordinator of Senior Services is sitting this one out, but will be watched closely to see who he supports.

Scott Delea – Had a surprisingly good showing as an independent council candidate in 2005, but frittered away his goodwill by endorsing Roberts and Cammarano in the runoff. His work with Revolt and LowerHobokenTaxes kept his name in the mix, and major candidates will likely seek his blessing.

Judge Kim Glatt – Always liked the job she has now, and was only touted as a Mayoral candidate by those looking to muddy the field.

David Roberts – Confirmed yesterday he could not win a third term. Wah Waaah.

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Monday, May 11, 2009 9:47 pm

Anyone know, who started this Hudson diversity action council? Sounds a little strange. Their site doesn’t say who they are, how they are funded,never heard of them before and they’re endorsing candidates from different cities?????

Monday, May 11, 2009 6:31 pm

I have decided to vote for this candidate, and may the force be with you.


Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor
Monday, May 11, 2009 5:28 pm

Thanks KS 411 — I guess H411 was out digging up more dirt to sling and forgot the true mission of his site.

Monday, May 11, 2009 5:02 pm

After this is all over can we get back to bashing Obama?

Reply to  YipYap
Monday, May 11, 2009 6:56 pm

Get back to, I’m still waiting for it to start. Did you catch any of that back slapping media-Obamafest over the weekend? It’s suppose to be a roast but it’s more like a party gathering of supporters congratulating each other.

The roasting is strictly reserved for private citizens who aren’t with the party.

Let me know which trillion of debt, deficit or national that gets them to even pause. The “media” words escape me. Rodents. Speaking of which, the Jersey Journal went out on the limb of the brave and endorsed Camma-RAT-0.

In response to YipYap who said:

After this is all over can we get back to bashing Obama?

Monday, May 11, 2009 4:58 pm

Biffy- Polls are open 6am until 8pm.

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