“Rock Show” at Shades Saturday night


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 21st at 8pm – there’s a live music event going on over at Shades Bar (720 Monroe St.) $7 cover.

It features Brian Follweiler, who’s celebrating the release of his album “The Winter Fire,” along with Arthur Nelson and his “Eclectic” Pop and Neal Goldberg strumming the acoustic guitar.


411 Note: I’ve been promoting events at Shades lately – just to give readers some off-the-beaten-path options. They do seem to get some interesting guests – it’s just too bad I can’t find the time to get over there (soon, grasshopper, soon!) However, I’m a bit puzzled as to why they keep calling Shades a different name! I always thought it was called “Shades of Hoboken.” But the last half dozen promos called it something different: Shades Bar, Shades Restaurant, Shades Nightclub, Shades Lounge, Shades Bar & Restaurant, etc. What the heck is it? What’s next? “Shades Fruitcake?” “Shades Crackhouse?” In the future, I may just call it “Shades Insert Word Here” or “Shades Blank.”

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