Hoboken H.S. “Guys and Dolls”


This April 3rd – 5th, the Hoboken High School will present their musical production of “Guys and Dolls.” (click to see flier)

The NY Times spent a few days at our school (and many others throughout NJ).

Take a look at this fantastic video they shot (Hoboken is featured in the beginning). It’s awesome to see the kids come together to take part in the show. It certainly seems to have helped strengthen the community and teamwork aspect of the students. Way to go!

“And at Hoboken High, “the work going on is just consistently exemplary,” she said.

The teacher there, Paula Ohaus, “basically created a theater program out of scratch” when many of her students had never been to a live theater performance, Ms. Cooney said.

“This is a school with a population of students from limited means,” she said. “But she has awakened a real love for theater.”

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Fabulous! Such a tremendous amount of talent! I have been watching the HHS plays since The Wiz, and this is my favorite performance. Congratulations to the cast and crew and to Jared Ramos and Paula Ohaus!!!
p.s. I am still floored that our little theatre program got a write-up in the NY Times and was featured on the Today show in Japan!!!


Congratulations to Hoboken, N.J. It’s about time. It took about 37 years ( 1972 ) for some type of musical theater to evolve. Believe it or not, there Was a Hoboken Opera Association organized in Hoboken that performed full length Opera’s at Hoboken High, with Opera’s such as Pucinni’s “La Boheme’ ” and Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliette”. There also was a little Company called the Hudson County Theater Co., organized by the same people that started a Dinner Theater at the Clam Broth House, in the then ” Main Dining Room ” off River Street with a few Neil Simon’s hits like “Prisoner of 2nd Ave” and “Star Spangeled Girl and the musical ” I Do-I Do ” Keep up the good work. English teacher’s might think of starting a theater club. It would be a challange for the students And teachers and actually, a bit easier to develop and perform than the musicals.


Congrats to all of them! I hope I can check out the show tomorrow– I’ll certainly try! 😀


great video!! good for them!