Tom Vincent petition signing event


Besides the three major candidates in this year’s Hoboken Mayoral (and council at-large) election – there are some other folks who wish to run as well.

Tom Vincent is one of those people.

In an attempt to attain enough signatures to get on the ballot – Tom is having a petition signing event over at The Goldhawk (10th and Park) tonight at 7pm. Some live entertainment will be on hand, include Gene D. Plumber and Ed Fogarty (amongst others).

You can see what he’s all about on his website here:


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Great endorsement, trueblue. I should think, especially on a local level, that a non-politician would be a great addition to government! People complain all the time about politicians, and then vote for one. I’d like to think we’d all be ready for a true change!!!!


I’ve known Tom for only a few years and in that short amount of time, I could tell he’s smart, personable and has what it takes to be a great mayor. I think the most important aspect of his Mayoral run is his independence. He has no “slate”, no group of people with whom he has to make promises to, in order to garner their voting bloc. He’ll be able to make decisions on what he feels is “right” and not what the special interests want. He will be a fresh and honest voice for the people of Hoboken, God knows we need one.


He seemed like a very nice guy when we met him on the corner of 10th and Washington on Sunday.

He has an IT background, and would make a great canidate for someone’s ticket. His focus was to reduce costs by reducing paperwork at City Hall….a simple and practical long-term solution for reducing expenses – what a novel idea.


I wish Tom all the best of luck, however when he approached me to sign his petition last week he clearly told me he was running for council-at-large.

Tom, if you want support you are going to need to either be straightforward with the people you want to elect you, or make up your mind as to which office you’re actually running for.