City Council – 3/18/2009 Preview

3/18/2009 Update:

(Figured I’d add the next “City for Sale” series on top of today’s City Council Preview – since it is an agenda item)
[This is part of a series of article submissions by resident and 411 reader “estevens.”]

Hoboken: City for Sale

Fourth in a series of articles about the back-room machinations of Hoboken.


City For Sale 4: IMPACTed

The payoffs, paybacks, and back-scratching continue. Tonight, the City Council will be asked to vote on a resolution approving a four-month contract that will pay up to $20K to Impact Government Affairs in return for a rather nebulous service.

WHEREAS, the City of Hoboken requires the services of a governmental affairs firm to represent the City in various matters pending on the federal and state levels, especially pertaining to the opportunities within current federal stimulus program which could bring significant improvements to the City’s infrastructure; and,
WHEREAS, the City of Hoboken has reviewed the qualifications of Impact Governmental Services (sic) (Michael Murphy, principal), and has determined that this firm can provide these services for the City of Hoboken in an efficient manner…

The city’s review of this firm probably took note of two key issues: over $1000 in campaign contributions to Chris Campos and Ruben Ramos, as well as Impact’s recently hired attorney – Chris Campos!





Topic A: The Budget

This Wednesday’s Hoboken City Council meeting will be dominated by budget talk. Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi’s $123.8 million dollar spending plan will be up for a public hearing and a final vote by the council. No matter what the council does, Tripodi has the power to implement her plan, and could reject any and all changes they make. The Hoboken411 article on the budget is a must-read for anybody headed to the hearing.

Only two ordinances are on the agenda for a public hearing and final vote, but the first one regarding the Redevelopment Plan for the Western Edge won’t be held before a community meeting on the issue Thursday. The second hearing concerns an ordinance that establishes a $20 service charge on returned checks, which is not likely to draw a crowd.

Light Load of Resolutions

There are only six resolutions on the agenda, including the usual payment of tax refunds for overpayments and appeals, as well as the ratification of an auction of abandoned and surplus bicycles and vehicles. Two items which may spark some discussion are a submission to the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund for $600,000 in grant funds to be used toward the development of the long delayed Hoboken Cove park, and a proposed $20,000 contract for Impact Governmental Services to lobby for infrastructure funds.

As usual, the meeting begins at 7pm Wednesday inside City Hall, with a public comment portion at the end for you to take five minutes to talk about anything you want.

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[quote comment=”144484″]Rerun: What a liar this guy is/was.
Mayor Roberts on the 2008 budget, November 2007.

How can we get this joker where he belongs – namely in jail?


Rerun: What a liar this guy is/was.
Mayor Roberts on the 2008 budget, November 2007.


Mayor Roberts on the Hoboken budget crisis:

Mayoral candidates on their budget votes:


Dept. of Comm. Affairs experts were taken off the operational audits of the HFD & HPD to go elsewhere? This was reported by Hoboken’s new finance director. Judy T.’s decisions are reported to have been determined by a rough draft. Let’s stay tuned. 🙄 ❓

Tama Murden

Re 57, & your previous posts: Mr. Mukherji, you do seem to be a very smart, articulate and ambitious young man!