Readerpix: PA cop at Luca Brasi’s


Note: Hoboken411 Reader Dylan doesn’t like these pictures that YOU the residents are sending in. He said “Enough with these pictures, they do no good – except allow people to make donut jokes.” And added “You have no idea what the circumstances of that pic are- the officer could have run in to Bennies for a bathroom break or a quick slice for the road. Considering what we have going on in this mess of a town, I really can’t understand folks who have the time (and inclination) to be snapping cell phone pix of double-parked radio cars.”

Do you think these pictures are a waste of time? Or just keeping the city on their toes?


Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 3/26/2009

Hoboken411 reader Italian Guy sent in a photo that get’s classified in the City Offender Zone, too. He said: “Lunch at Luca Brasi’s on Friday 13th actually showing the cop (Port Authority) and “a guest” leaving and getting in the car.”

luca brasis parking offender cop - Readerpix: PA cop at Luca Brasi's

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[quote comment=”145294″]Oscar pictures are here to stay, buddy! :mrgreen:[/quote]! :mrgreen:

I live by Luca Brasi’s and see these PA cops every week. They are always double parked on the corner.

Mama Luke

Boring, getting really old fast. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


[quote comment=”145294″]To whomever put the answer referring to the Hoboken411 Mascot OSCAR – go to hell and leave him out of this!

Did you know Oscar has a fan club? Each week I get emails “when will you put another pic of Oscar up? He’s so cute! I love him!”

Oscar pictures are here to stay, buddy! :mrgreen:[/quote]

That’s why I done tol’ you that he needs his own calendar! Um, followed by Oscar mugs, mousepads, bibs, pens, notebooks and so forth.


[quote comment=”145228″]I bet you complainers that the cop gets to do something I cant waaaaah, thats not fair. You are probably the same people raising your kids to think no score in a game makes you all winners and everyone is equal and special. what amazes me is the people complaining are the same that say cops need to do more and we need more cop presence. So take a ten minute break and grab a slice and if needed they can run out and jump rt in car and go for an emergency or drive around for 20 minutes park three blocks away so if an emergency comes over you can run 3 blocks to the car and than go help. dont you realize cops are on call there entire shift, even when they take breaks to eat or piss. Think people.[/quote] It’s simply not practical or realistic for emergency personnel to drive around and park several blocks away for a quick break. Besides, why bust the PA cops’ balls? They don’t even write parking tickets in the city? When I was a cop it was rare to ever finish a meal without having to leave or at least be approached and asked for directions, to file a report, etc…and no need to cue the violins because that is all part of the job. Point being, no one is above the law, but common sense should figure in. I am no fan of status quo in town, I just… Read more »


Why can’t I add an option to this poll? I’m OK with hot ladies pics, but in the interest of equal time, I want hot gentlemen, cute babies, puppies and kittens and of course I can’t get enough Oscar!

I also have a perverse liking for pics of politicians in awkward situations like Peter Cammarano blowing his nose, Beth Mason pointing her finger or Dawn Zimmer appearing bug-eyed, but that’s just me.

I agree that the “gotcha” pictures are getting old, unless it is something really out of the ordinary. Everyone’s gotta eat and park.