Hobokenpix: Car accident remnants


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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 3/16/2009

Took this photo on the corner of Observer and Garden this past Saturday. Obviously remnants of a car accident at this intersection – a busted tree, car parts and damage to that white car on the corner. I must have been asleep when this took place – anyone know what happened? Drunk driver?


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The ass hat was driving with most of the tree caught in his grill? 😯


Sorry for the late response to this, but I was out of the country for all of last week, but concerning this accident. Basically an SUV between 4:30 and 5:30 on Saturday morning was obviously drunk and drove across the road (he was traveling Eastbound on Observer) hit the tree, and then drove with his the 85% of the tree caught in his grill/wheel another 50-75 down Observer. When I walked by on the way to the PATH to on the way to the airport he was trying to drive away with still the entire tree stuck to his car. He had totally stripped is right front tire. I called the local PD line and got a voicemail, and then tried to tell the guy working the booth at the parking lot to call the police about it (because I was going down to the PATH i would have lost service). Then like 30 seconds later 2 cars with their lights flashing came up and around, hopefully to lock the driver up for a long time.


Either a dog that got an itchy ass from eating white chocolate, or a tree hugger who forgot to get out of the car before copping a feel for the expired tree.