Hoboken Week in Review – 3/22/2009


Happy Spring 2009!

Perhaps this spring, some fantastic things will happen in Hoboken besides the fresh warm air and blossoming flowers!


So, what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, March, 22 2009?

Hottest general topics of the week

  1. Down to the wire
    The Zoning Board hearing involving former city tax collector Louis Picardo (might) be over on April 2nd!
  2. The American Dollar
    Is it going down the tubes due to what our federal government is doing?
  3. The Board of Ed
    Tempers flare as the field of candidates is reduced to two teams of three for April’s election.
  4. Who’s running? And for what?
    A complete lineup of Mayoral and Council candidates for this May’s city election.
  5. City Council meeting of March 18th
    It’s all about the budget!
  6. The school budget, too!
    This year’s proposed Hoboken Schools budget is nearly $60 million dollars
  7. Too much spending for healthcare?
    Local resident Donna Antonucci crafts a proposal to try and lower costs…
  8. Blub, blub, blub
    Residents wonder who’s responsible for the leaking water near 5th and Washington.

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