Corzine stiffs Hoboken


Hoboken to receive $600,000 less in ’09

Yesterday, NJ Governor Jon Corzine announced that the state is cutting back the amount of municipal aid given to the states towns and cities by more then $32 million dollars overall.

You’d think that he’d take care of the town he lives in (and his security team blocks intersections in) – but no. Hoboken’s municipal aid for 2009 dropped over $600k from 2008 (being reduced from $15.1 million to $14.5 million) – more than 4%.

I guess that means more potholes for us.


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[quote comment=”143236″]the solution is simple and can be achieved within 8 months — vote for Christie.[/quote]
Christie is a fat, bloated multi-chinned pig who had yearsof opportunities to prosecute Roberts and Russo and the rest of the swill in City Hall and sat in his $3,000,000 manor in Mendham and wasted years and millions going after Sharpe James. Christie is a poster-child for a moribund Republican party who falls right into line with spineless lightweights like Rush, Steele, Joe the Plumber and Palin. At a time when a serious vital discussion about the future of capitalism is taking place around the world, Republicans like Christie and his ilk do nothing but parrot Hannity, Levin and Rush, sit on their collective arses and defend their wish that America fails in this monumental moment. Go fly your traitorist flags upside down, boys, the carpet is being pulled from beneath you.

[quote comment=”143026″]Corzine to tax homeowners for renter rebates Bend Over Middle Class Taxpayer Jonny’s Coming!!! But then as an afterthought some Democrat decided to send a bit of the dough to renters as well. The theory is that they paid income tax and therefore should get a bit of it back as well. Plus, they indirectly paid property taxes through their rent. That was a nice idea and there was enough money to do it. So it got done. But the primary purpose of the rebates was to help homeowners stay in their homes. Now Corzine is turning that idea on its head. Homeowners will be taxed out of their homes so renters can stay in their apartments. If you have household income of $100,000 a year and pay property taxes of $8,000 a year, you used to be eligible for a rebate that could be $1,000 or so. Corzine canceled that rebate. And he’s also going to end the income-tax deduction for your property-tax payments – for the express purpose of paying for rebates for others, including renters. “To help pay for the rebates, we have proposed eliminating the property tax deduction next year for everyone but seniors,” he said. So if you own that $8,000 home and are not over 65, you will pay an extra $510 in income tax on your property tax so Corzine can send a property-tax rebate check to someone who doesn’t even directly pay property tax.[/quote] [quote comment=”143029″]Uh, if a renter paid $15,000… Read more »

i’m a bit confused. isn’t this to be expected? as cash strapped states need to cut expenses, they are cutting municipal aid in NJ right? this is a good thing isn’t it? I mean, down the road, we should be paying less taxes as a result (if that will actually happen) – but it should be a good thing for states to pull the belts a bit tighter right?


the solution is simple and can be achieved within 8 months — vote for Christie.


I wonder if Corzine in going to gross up Carla Katz’s $6 million hush money by all the new local and state taxes? I guess then he’ll have to gross up all the other moneys he’s paying to her family members and his other payees around the state.
Jon – did you do those calculations yet?