Afghanistan War Debate


For those interested in domestic and world politics – would enjoy this debate moderated by Hoboken resident (and Hoboken411 contributor) Bob Bowdon next week:

Should the U.S. Increase or Decrease Its Military & Political Commitment to Afghanistan?


Featuring a fantastic panel:

Wednesday, March 18, 6:30pm

The New School, Tishman Auditorium
66 W. 12th Street (between 5th-6th Avenues)
New York, NY
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The event is free and open to the public, but you must RSVP through this site.

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Locusts – because of the complete destruction of the fields, even the ones we can’t find.

C-130’s can follow up and do their thing for the obvious reasons.

The locust project would fit right in with the DARPA type of projects for purpose built teams and missions. And growing the numbers (of locust swarms) would come from each field they decimate. So it’s an efficient and self renewable weapons system specifically tasked with destroying one plant.

strand tramp
strand tramp

why, because we need a covert op? how about we fire up a swarm of C-130’s and start shoving drums of gasoline out the doors with a lit fuse?


Use specially bred locust with an appetite ONLY for that desired plant.

strand tramp
strand tramp

the key is the poppy fields. napalm every poppy field in the country and the “leaders” lose their power. seize the money laundering accounts and the drugs then imprison all the drug lords.


You sound like a 4th div. vet.