Readerpix: Here today, gone tomorrow


Hoboken411 reader Brooklyn Bridget sent in these pictures of the area behind Stevens’ “Toilet Tower” along Sinatra Drive, which used to have a rickety pier with birdhouses on it. It’s doomed now!

Hoboken411 reader photos of the day – 3/13/2009

“I’ve always enjoyed looking at this one pier just north of the soccer park, excuse me, Sinatra Field, behind the Stevens physical plant building. Someone with a green thumb set up a little garden back there with a small rickety pier lined with birdhouses and sometimes with plants. The first attached pictue, called “birdhouse pier,” was taken by me on July 8, 2008. The other was taken last week.”

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oh no! That’s really too bad. the man that worked so hard on it must feel terrible. wonder if he will build again? I hope so!


this winter’s ice flows crushed it


Oh, no! That’s so sad– such a neat little haven for birds, too. 🙁

Those little birdhouses with stands are pretty expensive, nowadays. I’m hoping to get one at a decent price for my yard…


Wasn’t there a little boat that was tied up there also? A mini sail boat or something? Is it sleeping with the fishes now?