Beth Mason launches Mayoral Campaign

3/13/2009 Update #2:

Video of today’s announcement:

Beth Mason For Mayor Introduction from BethMasonforMayor on Vimeo.

See photo gallery and original announcement after the jump.

3/13/2009 Update:

Here are some photos of Mayoral candidate Beth Mason and her Council at Large candidates announcing this morning at their headquarters, followed by their march to City Hall to be the first full slate to file more than the required number of signed election petitions.


At long last, it’s official. Beth Mason is running for Mayor with a full slate of Council at Large candidates. Here’s the press release from the Mason for Mayor campaign:


“Councilwoman Beth Mason formally announces her campaign for Mayor with a declaration that “It’s time to open government for everyone”.

Mason said, “For too long, Hoboken has suffered from a lack of leadership, which now has created a catastrophic financial crisis. Hoboken has been awash in red ink for the last eight years because the Roberts Administration has avoided making the tough decisions. Now, taxpayers are on the hook for their failure to act,” said Mason. “Leadership is about making decisions, not excuses.”

The Second Ward councilwoman declared that as mayor, “I will return Hoboken’s municipal government to the people who actually pay the bills,” Mason said. “I see a better future for the citizens of Hoboken, but I will need your help to change the way our city operates!”

Mason also believes in driving Hoboken’s economy with balanced development by creating a business retention program including the creation of a business incubator program. She said she will create more open space and public areas to encourage commerce and recreation.

“Hoboken can and will rebound to be a more robust and professionally managed city with a better quality of life for everyone,” Mason said.

Mason has assembled a talented ticket with a diverse range of talents and backgrounds. They will serve as a bridge between different generations of Hoboken, hoping to draw on their shared experience to solve the numerous problems facing the city.

See the ticket below…

(Mason launches Mayoral Campaign, continued…)

anthony-pasquale-sm.jpgAnthony Pasquale has been working in the financial sector for three decades, running investor relations and accounting divisions for one of the largest insurance companies in the world. He had the responsibility for overseeing some fifty-five billion dollars of assets, compensation, and benefits that impact thousands of workers.

A formally trained accountant with data processing responsibilities, Anthony also attended Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. This wealth of financial experience will be an important asset as Hoboken seeks to balance its messy finances. Anthony is president of Parish Council at St. Francis Church. He and his wife are Trustees for a charity that assists families whose children are ill.

raul-morales-ii-sm.jpgRaul Morales II is a proud product of the Hoboken Public School System who went on to graduate from Brown University and Rutgers Law School.

Raul was recently sworn in as an attorney in New Jersey and will be admitted in New York this coming April.

The Hoboken Puerto Rican Cultural Committee presented Raul its Young Future Leader award, and he plans to bring that leadership to his native city.

vinnie-addeo-sm.jpgVincent Addeo has devoted his life to fighting for the rights and justice of working-class people and their families. After gaining a Master of Science Degree in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts, he has held leadership positions as the President of the New Jersey State Council of Machinists, AFL-CIO.

Vincent has given back to the community as an instructor for the National Safety Council and board member of the Hudson County School of Technology, as well as a devoted coach of children in Hoboken sports leagues and homeless shelter volunteer. He understands the needs of the working people of Hoboken and hopes to continue helping them in office.

The Mason ticket will stress:

  • Elimination of wasteful spending of our tax dollars
  • A balanced budget and deficit reduction plan
  • A more accessible and accountable government
  • A balanced economic development plan

The Mason for Mayor campaign headquarters is now open at 315 Washington Street.

Stop in to meet the candidates, as well as Campaign Manager Jake Stuiver and Chairperson Ines Garcia-Keim.

Beth Mason for Mayor… One Goal. Yours.


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Wow, Now Beth Mason is stealing campaign slogas from Dan Tumpson’s 2001 Mayoral bid, the most uncorruptable candidate who ever ran for that position!!! I doubt he would have taken Michael Russo’s endorsement even if the endorsement came with 405 promised Church Tower votes. I just got the latest of many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many Beth Mason mailers which states:

“Return Hoboken to the People”

Take a look at the Hoboken Citizens Website (and their campaign slogan):

Beth: I know Dan Tumpson, Dan Tumpson is a friend of mine. You, madam are NO Dan Tumpson!!!

Phil Cohen
Phil Cohen

This is my response to a recently published letter from Bo Dziman who endorsed Dawn Zimmer’s candidacy, explaining why I am supporting Beth Mason for Mayor. BETH MASON HAS THE LONGEST, STRONGEST RECORD FOR CHANGE OF ANY MAYORAL CANDIDATE To the Editor: 1. Beth Mason has a longer, stronger record for seeking real change in government in Hoboken than any other mayoral candidate. It’s a fact. She’s been at it for 10 years. She’s worked on the city council for no pay and has spent her own money suing the Roberts Administration for transparency and filing more requests for public records than the clerk’s office could ever imagine. There is a reason why Beth Mason is ahead in all the polls, the people of Hoboken know what she has done, and they like her record. She has accomplished what she has done despite incurring the wrath of a then-popular Mayor Roberts, a hostile Councilman Cammarano, and other hostile members of the city council who actively debated censuring her for pursuing her agenda of seeking transparency. Mr. Dziman is being provocative by stating, “a vote for Beth Mason is a vote for the status quo”, but to even suggest for a moment that Beth Mason is an insider in Mayor Roberts’ administration is laughable. 2. What happened to Beth? Mr. Dziman asks. Nothing has happened to Beth. She is the same person she was all these years. What has changed is that she had run to be councilwoman of the 2nd… Read more »


My take on the election, in a nutshell:

– Cammarano is not an option. He’s basing his run on the fact that he voting AGAINST the state takeover. In other words, he’s proud that he wanted to keep sweeping all this fiscal mismanagement and shady dealing under the rug. Yeah… no. My only problem with the state stepping in is that it didn’t happen sooner. Cammarano’s a slimeball with political ambition who sees the mayor’s office as his stepping stone to somewhere. There’s zero chance I’ll vote for him.

– That leaves Beth and Dawn, both whom I like. My favorite councilperson is Peter Cunningham (happily, my councilperson), who I agree with at least 98% of the time, and the candidate closest to him is Dawn, so she gets a slight edge there.

– Looking at their slates, I look at Dawn’s and see three dependable reform votes, and I look at Beth’s and… I don’t know what I see. Some representation designed to appeal to certain demographics and win an election, but what happens once they’re in office? Are we looking at a fresh voice, or Terry LaBruno/Reuben Ramos II? I really can’t say, so here I lean Dawn, too.

So in summary, I’m leaning towards Dawn, though if I have to vote for Beth in a runoff, I can live with it.


[quote comment=”151679″]so, all of these people seem hard to distinguish…was wondering since many of you posters seem to be very well-versed in all this stuff – to break things down here…is it fair to say that everyone is at least in agreement that cammarrano is too connected to the status quo and/or slimy to vote for? (to at least eliminate him from consideration)[/quote]
Yes. Voting for Cammarano should NOT be an option under any circumstances.


so, all of these people seem hard to distinguish…was wondering since many of you posters seem to be very well-versed in all this stuff – to break things down here…is it fair to say that everyone is at least in agreement that cammarrano is too connected to the status quo and/or slimy to vote for? (to at least eliminate him from consideration)