Readerpix: Why the half-staff flag?

3/14/2009 Update:

Flag situation (sort of) remedied

Hoboken411 reader “plywood” noticed that some action was taken after the Readerpix entry two days ago:

“Hi H411:

Just thought you would like to know that Hoboken411 posts get noticed and get results! A day after you posted a photo of the flag that had been languishing in the branches in Church Square Park for several months, it looks as if someone has gone ahead and while attempting to take it down ripped it from the sky, leaving only a small piece to flutter in the wind. At least a step in the right direction – it looks like someone is on the case! What would Francis Scott Key have to say about this one?”


See what the flag looked like before, after the jump…


Hoboken411 reader “plywood” sent in some pictures taken at Church Square Park.

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 3/12/2009

“The attached photo shows something interesting in our town. There has been a flag at basically half-mast tangled in the branches near the cupola in Church Square Park for at least several months to my knowledge, probably much longer. At this point the flag is getting increasingly tattered. A couple of things: I had heard that if a flag is going to be displayed at night it needs to have a light on it, and what is the deal with this in the first place? If it is stuck there, I would think it would be appropriate if nothing else to get a cherry picker up there to take this down already! It’s really a shameful display of the flag. Maybe before Memorial Day?

What is being mourned? The total loss of of any and all clues by our government? Or our collective loss of (financial) innocence?”


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ShhhDon’tTell – while your observation is valid, ponder how many people had to be aware of this and did nothing.


Next time could you let someone know a little sooner?
Waiting several months to complain is shameful.




Take your pick:

(That link might be broken, but you can figure it out)


The Flag at Castle Point was half staff yesterday, too.

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