Hoboken411 Thursday 12-pack


Many updates today

I’m telling you – when Hoboken411 first started almost three years ago, after a few months I was scared that I’d “run out of Hoboken-relevant topics to post…”

Holy crap – I have several hundred posts “in the wings” that it’s gotten a bit (quite a bit) mentally overwhelming to handle… So today, you’ll see at least 12 new posts – possibly more.

hoboken411 thursday twelve - Hoboken411 Thursday 12-pack

Web traffic – and advice?

Back in the beginning of 2006, 411’s web traffic had a distinct “signature,” where reader visits died down dramatically after business hours. While web traffic naturally dies down across the internet after standard daylight work hours, it’s gotten to the point now where traffic from off-business hours (non 9-5) has increased ten-fold. Over 20,000 daily page views occur outside of normal work times. Astonishing!

Since so many entries get released on Hoboken411 on a weekly basis, I try to publish them when the largest audience can see them. However, I’m wondering now if that has the same relevance as it did a couple years ago.

I guess my questions might be: Do you know you can read the last 100 articles in one spot? Or the most current 21 entries right on the home page? How can I make it easier to keep up with Hoboken news and insight?

And since I’m writing this piece after I woke up on the “wrong side of the bed,” please reserve your comments for “constructive criticism” or helpful tips. Any B-S comments will be deleted when I wake up from my micro-nap. No apologies or explanations as to why.

If you have a serious issue with me, and the website I run – you’re more than welcome to email me and discuss.

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I use bloglines to pull in a bunch of rss feeds including this site.

When I see something I like I log in via my cellphone – windows mobile (treo).

Lately I get an error.. Scripting Alert – Handler could not be removed. Is this related to a change in your site?


You should just get two people you trust and make them co-editors, or whatever. Look at gothamist.com as a good example of what you can do with 411. Then you can take more micro naps.


I don’t think the tags are very functional, since they have you leave the site. If they could somehow be incorporated so that you get a list of related Hoboken411 articles it would be much more useful.