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Instead of the standard Hoboken411 Reader Photo of the day today, I’ll get these two “City Offender Zone” pictures off the plate instead…

But I guess the burning question is – don’t you think cops in general should be allowed to park quickly (i.e., somewhere we’d get a ticket) to get something to eat or drink while on duty?

If not, what are your suggestions to keep them fed, hydrated and caffeinated during their shifts? Brown bags and a Thermos? A new Taco Truck on the outskirts of town? A drive-thru restaurant? (now that’s an idea!)

“I’m 10-20 at Starbuck’s”

Jeremy said “Here is a picture of an officer on the opposite corner of the one you just posted. Note that the officer is standing on the steps of Starbucks. He used his lights to go through the light in order to park on the sidewalk and then went in to the shop.”

A double double

Vinnie said, “Normally, I can understand if a cop runs into a store to pick up a sandwich, but became annoyed when not only did this PA cop double park, but also blocked a perfectly good empty parking spot in front of Vito’s!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009 10:08 am

It’s funny how I don’t see a cup of coffee in the officers hand but yet most of you are claiming he went in for a cup. Can someone explain?

Tama Murden
Tama Murden
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:41 pm

Re 18: Well then best to avoid the intersection by Mario’s. The PAPD has been frequently observed to bring big-ass vehicles (including bus-size “emergency” trucks)and park well into the crosswalks, while having a few slices. Corea is fond of that, too, with an HPU truck. And then countless HPD vehicles, also behaving badly.

Until the rot is rooted out of muni government & the sense of entitlement goes, don’t count on any of these “public servants” changing their behavior, any time soon.

Even then, the PAPD may still behave like a scofflaw. The PA sees itself as free to do anything it wants, by its unique mandate. It trickles down to all levels of the organization.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:29 pm

[quote comment=”140346″][quote comment=”140336″]If we weren’t talking about Hoboken cops, I’d say let them. But, since our cops do shit like turn on their lights to run red lights and stop signs with no emergency pending, talk on their phones while driving, and generally act like douches, I’d have to say no it’s not ok.
If they are grabbing a quick bite or coffee, sure, because parking sucks here and they need to get back to “work.” Too many of them abuse it though – like parking illegally while they go in and schtup their mistresses. Allegedly. Ahem. 8O[/quote]

I’m gonna enjoy a good laugh when Karma comes around to bite you in the a$$ someday when a cop watches you get mugged and walks away. It won’t happen, but one can dream[/quote]

Hey, Wildflower. Karma did come around, but it bit you on the ass– just read your asinine comments for proof!

The cop car could have moved up a few inches, leaving the spot available. Sorry, but blocking the path of another car is what I like to refer to as “power-trip douchey”.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:25 pm

I really don’t care where they park… but when two PA copes decide to stop on opposite sides of park ave and 15th to talk, blocking the intersection and creating a traffic jam, I get pissed off.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 7:26 pm

Blocking a spot in front of Vito’s is NOT cool.

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