Ravi Bhalla for Council At-large


Introducing Ravi

Ravi Bhalla, who had recently announced his candidacy for one of the three Hoboken Council At-large seats, sent Hoboken411 a message and an introductory video about why he is running:

“Today’s video is a short introduction to me and the three issues that form the heart of my campaign. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more videos that explain my policy positions in greater detail. Consistent with my vision for Hoboken, I hope these web videos are a fruitful way to use technology to engage our community on the issues.

Please look out for more videos in the coming weeks and please share them with friends and fellow voters. I am ready to receive your feedback, however critical.

Finally, I am concerned that the lame duck Roberts administration is rushing through a number of high-rise developer initiatives before its term expires.

I am calling for a moratorium on redevelopment proposals until after the election and the commencement of a new administration.”

You can see more on his website: www.ourhoboken.com

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He lied about the COMMITTEE PEOPLE and our jobs and the jobs we did. He lies….and lies and spends the taxpayers money, I would NEVER vote for him…


Get a reval done. And forget about softening the language to appease those ” who may be adversely affected”. There are plenty of people who are currently adversely affected because they continue to pay a disproportionate share of the tax bill. Get on it.


Ravi posted a few videos with his stance on Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency in Hoboken. Check them out!



[quote comment=”140271″]I’m with you on voting for Ravi, and But we part company on your reason #2, the unconnected/outsider part. Part of Ravi’s appeal to me is that he HAS made the choice to get involved in government, both a volunteer and professionally. Running a government is no more like running a bank than running a bank is like running a hospital, or a factory. They are all learned skills, and anyone coming in starting from square one, no matter how smart or well intentioned, faces at best a very steep learning curve and at worst a rude awakening. Just ask those who remember former Mayor Vezetti. Ravi has served as a volunteer committeeman, and in Obama’s campaign, and has been involved in the work towns do at tenant advocate in Union City and as attorney to the rent control board in Hoboken. Far from being black marks against him, I see these resume lines as having the potential to make him MORE effective. In my opinion being ‘connected’ to the political powers that be should only damaging if it can be shown where this so called “connection” caused him to advance a position him otherwise would have opposed. This is clearly not the case.[/quote] 1) Yep my support derives from his healthy combination of being active and have relevant experience in government without being beholden to a machine. 2) More importantly though, I’m just happy someone is raising issues. My observation is that Hoboken elections are vanity contests. Whoever… Read more »


[quote comment=”140260″]My top 3 reasons for my vote:

2. I like that he isn’t connected, and is an outsider. I don’t like the political machine of Hudson county and would like less “tainted” candidates on city council. There’s something to be said about experience, but also something to be said about the people who have been either on city council or on the fringes (holding various gov’t positions that tie them to council members) for years and years.

He’s connected to Stack (worked his election I believe) and has been Union City and Hoboken Rent Board Counsel for the last several years.