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69 days left…

I’ve been getting a lot of email from Hoboken411 readers wondering why I haven’t taken the dive into the online speculation cesspool over who is running for Mayor and Council.

Frankly, politics is just one part of what 411 is, and I simply don’t want to report and repeat the rumors du jour that tend to be inaccurate. For January and February I made the call that unless a candidate announces their intentions I am not going to waste space speculating on whether or not they are running, and if so who they are running with. The information out there has been just too unreliable and the misinformation too plentiful.

Now that it’s March and we are just 17 days away from the petition filing deadline for the May 12 election, things are starting to flesh themselves out, but not as much as you might think. We may have to wait until after the deadline to know for sure who is running with whom. There will likely be quite a few candidates out there filing petitions only to make deals with the powers that be to either A) back out of the race or B) run, and then make a deal to make an endorsement after they lose on the first ballot.

This is the game in Hudson County, and it can only get worse with an open seat.

See what all the buzz is about after the jump…

(Mayoral Mayhem, continued…)

The Race to Replace Roberts

hoboken-mayor-david-roberts-is-done.jpgUnless he miraculously gets $100 million from the Obama stimulus package to refund the taxpayers strapped with a 47% tax increase, Dave Roberts is not going to be a candidate for Mayor again. With an open seat people tend to feel “froggy” and think they can jump. You’ve heard all the names that have been going around for months, but there are likely to be several new ones popping up before the filing deadline. The only formal announcements for Mayor have come from Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer. Cammarano has always had his eye on moving up the ladder this year, while Zimmer campaigned for her council seat claiming she would not use it to seek a higher office.

Beth Mason is most certainly running for Mayor, but has yet to formally announce. All the signs are there, including the filing of necessary state forms for her campaign finances and the move to rent a Washington Street storefront for her headquarters. Mason is in, but hasn’t made it official for whatever curious reason. If she doesn’t run it will be the surprise of the year.

Then there is the Russo/Raia dance, with Mike Russo and Frank Raia saying they will be together one way or another in May, but unsure about who is going where on what ticket. This will be further complicated if Raia decides to run for School Board as well as Mayor or Council. Technically he can run for two seats, but only sit on one after July 1st if he wins them both.

Cammarano: Roberts’ Third Term?

A few weeks ago when Cammarano announced his campaign at the Frozen Monkey he said he would have a ticket in about a week. It’s taken longer than that, but an announcement may finally be in the works. If the rumors are true, Cammarano’s ticket will be filled with people Roberts has supported in the past. More on this later, after they’re announced. Why waste space on people who may not even be really running?

Zimmer was the first to announce she would jump into the fray, but has yet to announce her slate. Local attorney (and former Hoboken Rent Control Board Counsel) Ravi Bhalla announced his own campaign for Council-at-Large, including an endorsement of Zimmer for Mayor in what appears to be an audition to join her expected ticket.

Former Mayor Steve Cappiello has announced his intention to run again several times over the past year at various events. Some don’t take this 85 year old seriously, while others say he could get 1500 Hoboken votes just by putting his name on the ballot. Former Fire Chief Richard Tremitieidi is getting petitions signed for council, and could be a good fit for Cappy’s ticket.

And on, and on, and on…

There are many more names out there, but until they announce to me that they are running or file petitions, I’m not going to spend time on people who may not be serious. If you want to try and convince people that Tom Foley (The Elk), Tom Vincent, or Frank Orsini are serious candidates for Mayor – and have a “snowball’s chance in hell” – feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below. But until they announce or file petitions, there’s no point in talking about it. Guys, my email is at the top of the page.

One last thing: If you are asked, do not sign more than one Mayoral candidate petition. Your signature will be disqualified if you are found on multiple petitions. Choose wisely. You can always vote for someone else if you change your mind later.

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[quote comment=”140200″]Red Haven goes on the defensive…what’s “slimy” about acknowledging or “outing” the affilations of individuals rumored to be running for the council-at-large positions? Once they announce..if they announce..isn’t fair to judge, at least in part, by the company they keep?[/quote]
Nothing is slimy about it. RH is a hypocrite. No biggie.


On several threads, posters have commented on the pictures and physical appearance of these candidates and, I must agree, on pictures alone, this is a real motley crew of candidates. In our house, we’re calling this a contest between the Joker/Cesar Romero, Todd Rundgren, and a bird.


Remember the failure of this administration and the lack of oversite that was caused by no accountability and responsibility being enacted by the leaders that were elected or appointed to represent the people…which resulted in the state takeover caused mainly by the overspending of the budget for the last six years. Follow the facts that will be forthcoming by some of the candidates seeking office in May.
Vote and vote wisely 💡


Don’t take my picture, I might come out like MINNIE MOUSE…



I never saw such bad pictures for such a good photographer as you. Cammarano blowing his nose, Mason with her whole shnozzola in a cup of coffee, Zimmer looks severely retarded, Pupie looks like MUSSOLINI, and Russo looks like a chipmunk.( did you blow up his cheeks?).What give with the pictures?
Are you waiting for one of them to pick their nose so you can snap it and put it on your site..?????? Politics is FUN……
They present their best faces to the public…but those shots are awful….