Hoboken Mayoral Candidates’ Forum

5/7/2009 Update:

Nuggetized Servings of Video Clips

In case you wanted to quickly find candidate responses to specific questions or topics, People for Open Government has once again sliced and diced the entire Mayoral Forum into bite-sized pieces!



4/30/2009 Video Recap:

For those who didn’t go to the Mayoral debate at Our Lady of Grace Tuesday night, fear not! Video is now available here on Hoboken411.

If you don’t want to watch the whole event, try reading the recap written by Max Pizarro of PolitickerNJ.com.

The endgame is upon them

with two weeks to go in the Hoboken mayor’s race

“At least one insider poll leaked two months ago showed 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason ahead in the mayor’s race, and if chalking up the largest number of attacks from two opposing sides signals what kind of a threat she poses, Mason tonight appeared to reconfirm her position as the frontrunner.

Peter Cammarano and Dawn Zimmer both tried to take chunks out of Mason as they suggested she has compromised her reformer brand by constructing a ticket blessed by both state Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-Union City) and 3rd Ward Councilman Michael Russo.

Mason defended her blended ticket experiment as a kind of rainbow coalition, which Zimmer in particular, trying to carry the real reformer banner, couldn’t abide without flashing an incredulous grin.

Cammarano ‘s people don’t worry about the Kids First victory, which infused Zimmer’s campaign with some headlines last week and gave her a bounce coming into tonight’s debate, making her look like something bigger than she is, the councilman maintains.

Read the whole article here – including details of the some of the “zingers” that set the tone for the second half of the debate.

4/28/2009 Reminder:

Tonight at 7:30pm at Our Lady of Grace Church (5th & Willow).


4/21/2009 Update:

A couple new ways to watch last week’s council candidates forum at OLG.

  1. It’s now on Cablevision Channel 78 – in rotation with the previous council meeting, or…
  2. People for Open Government has sliced and diced (or “slap chopped”) the entire forum into easy to manage bite sized pieces. By question, by candidate, etc. (good work!)


Didn’t catch the Hoboken Council At-Large Candidates Forum on Tuesday?

For your viewing pleasure…

4/14/2009 Reminder:

First Public Forum is tonight starting at 7:30pm – featuring the Council at-large candidates.


While we won’t know the official final list of candidates running until the filing deadline has passed Candidates can be seen here – the dates and location have been set for the forums in April!


Two candidates’ forums scheduled

Public is Invited to Join in Moderated Q&A with Hoboken City Council At-Large Candidates on April 14, 2009; Hoboken Mayoral Candidates, April 28, 2009

“Hoboken voters will have the opportunity to pose questions and hear directly from the candidates running for the position of mayor as well as those vying for three City Council At-Large seats in the May 5 election.

Two moderated forums will be sponsored by People for Open Government and the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, and Our Lady of Grace/St. Joseph Church.

Council Candidates

The first forum will feature candidates for the three At-Large City Council seats on Tuesday, April 14, 2009, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in the auditorium of the school at Our Lady of Grace, corner of Willow Avenue at Fifth Street.

Mayoral Candidates

The second forum will provide a platform for those vying for the position of mayor. It will take place on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, also in the school auditorium at Our Lady of Grace.”

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This is really tough
Cammarano= more Mayor Quimby
Mason = alignment with the Russo regime
Zimmer seems to be a puppet from what i can gather.

Would going independent really just give votes to Mason?

I freely admit that i do not have that much knowledge on these candidates. It’s a lot of info to process and understand.


I’m a lifetime resident, and also a taxpayer and interested party in the quality of life and keeping Hoboken as a great place to live and yet, correct the current financial mess. Cammarano, Mason and Zimmer are all incumbent councilpersons…they are the leaders for the position of Mayor. Pick the one that you think has the best stuff to do the job. I have made up my mind…and hopefully, you have and will vote tomorrow. I know who the smart choice is.



more = mayor re: Roberts became mayor.

Sorry typing this stuff too fast.

Jolly, thanks for your well thought out post. The reality is that one has to choose the lesser of the evils and in this specific regard, that’s my conclusion. Many of us have admired Beth for her stand on the issues and you cite some excellent ones. It was a tough pill to swallow that she’s embraced “the association” that is very entrenched in the town. I’ve taken opportunities to speak to both Beth and Dawn when chance opportunities presented themselves. I can’t conclude why Beth made this drastic turn as that’s only something she really knows. At the same time she put that guy Addeo on her slate who returned to Hoboken and magically landed up in subsidized housing at Church Towers. That housing is needed for our teachers, firemen and police. We don’t need additional entrenched subsidized City Council members who are keeping those units from those who are truly deserving. Not dismissing your conclusions but I think that in the best case scenario, someone who is outside the mechanics has the best chance to shake up the system. For whatever reason, Beth made a conclusion to move away from her core of reform support and take the votes that are part of the machine body politic here in Hoboken. On the two occasions I ran into Dawn she was down to earth and didn’t press back on criticisms. On the flooding issue, she does seem to have a better approach to fix the job properly one time… Read more »
JollyRoger, you are an impassioned person with some sound arguments and you dissect things to a level I’ve seen little of so I must commend you for that sheer weight of argument alone. Although we share the same assessment of the HCDO and its ultimate selfish ends and dangers to Hoboken, the same can be said and perhaps more so with the inside baseball that has been played here and to a far more damaging extent since Roberts became more. Although we may differ on who may be best in this particular race, I think we share largely similar concerns. The cynicism and negativity that has been typically submitted to the pages of our fine host here at Hoboken411 reflects the ongoing power struggle of the status quo that has operated here with rarely an interrupted heartbeat except for the occasionally FBI county arrest. Like the Mob, someone always steps up to fill the shoes and continue “the business.” Naively, and I suffer from this blind spot more than I’d like, the departure of Russo did little to stem the tide of this beast when Roberts took over. In fact, the decay of running this town like an entitlement fiefdom expanded, radically. Is it unique to Hoboken. Probably not. It’s more systemic to the county and state and isn’t Senator Menendez one of its prize pupils? What’s his relationship with Sen. Kerry I wonder (but I digress). This town is so incredibly unique and has reached such a great turnaround… Read more »
Tama Murden

Re 183.-184.: UH-OH. Just got it. 2xDuh!
Funny, yes. But also snarky.

While his damage-control efforts seem to have only made it worse in some ways, I still hold that PC’s adolescent mistakes are past & personal—& not germaine to the current election.


Youthful error is not what is in question. Oddly, people who say that is irrelevant keep referring to exactly that to dismiss the lack of responsibility and the sniveling desperate attacks on everyone and anyone.

The attacks lashing out blindly at anyone and everyone perfectly illustrates the condescending attitude that has rubber stamped every Dave Roberts budget that brought this town to ruin.

The arrogance of Cammarano is so deep, he’s actually running on the issue of voting for a budget that would further bury Hoboken.

That’s some cold political opportunism: the very belief that voters are so stupid he can say and do anything and they won’t be able to distinguish the truth. That’s what Peter Camarano thinks of people in Hoboken.

That someone/something should get in the way of his political entitlement infuriates him. How dare you/they is his mentality.

In response to Tama Murden who said:

Re 183.-184.: UH-OH. Just got it. 2xDuh!
Funny, yes. But also snarky.

While his damage-control efforts seem to have only made it worse in some ways, I still hold that PC’s adolescent mistakes are past & personal—& not germaine to the current election.