Major snowstorm Sunday night!

3/1/2009 3:00pm Update:

Significant snow expected

Forecasters are calling for snow to start falling in the next 3-6 hours – and it seems we’re smack in the middle of the 6-12″ snow totals. So enjoy this one blast of beautiful winter weather before Spring!

Random Question: Does anyone think that leftover piles of snow will factor into the St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Like drunks throwing snowballs?

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3/1/2009 4:00am Update:

Winter Storm Warning in effect

Winter Storm Warning – they’re calling for 10 to 14 inches of snow through Monday night.

2/28/2009 2:00am:

We may be in for a “big daddy” of a storm…

Figured I’d get this thread open now – because I’ve been following the “weather nuts” for the past week – and they’ve been talking about the possibility of a major (or even “historic”) storm coming up the east coast Sunday night into Monday…

Didn’t want to mention it earlier – because there was much doubt concerning whether this potential storm would take the correct path for a significant weather event. Happens every time.

However, the consensus as of 2am Saturday morning is, that this storm is shaping up to be a whopper (you know that can change within the next 48 hours).


Over a foot of snow? A snow day?

The weather cynics have been right this year – each time a storm was “hyped,” it turned out to be nothing. In this case, the weather junkies are hyping the living daylights out of it, and all seem to be in agreement. Most are betting on a foot of snow for the NYC tri-state area, while some conservative forecasters are suggesting 6″ – and the eternal optimists are even predicting 15-20″ of the fluffy white stuff.

What actually happens, we won’t know till it’s over Monday night.

So either keep your eyes peeled to the comments here (I will update accordingly one way or another – to confirm, or call it another “false alarm”) or make sure you check the weather forecasts online or on TV (you know, the “professionals” who actually get paid for stuff like this…)

By Sunday, you’ll know whether you can party and sleep in on Monday. I’m a bit excited now, actually!

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Anyone Hoboken landlords pay for snow removal? Any recommendations/how much do they charge?

I have about 40 feet of sidewalk and two sets of steps.

I always did it myself but thinking I might hire it out next year.


Kudos to the Organic Dry Cleaner on First & Willow whose sidewalk had not a flake of snow on it…it was one of the few that were passable this morning.


a few years ago i know for sure they did not ticket on street cleaning days when there was snow on the ground. i left my car parked for at least 2 weeks. i dunno about these days, but they obviously can’t run the sweeper down the street, so why ticket? i’ve never seen a car with a ticket on it when it has snowed.


I’m parked on Washington and wonder if anyone knows if/when I need to move my car today. I just paid a $400 ticket for going straight on 14th, near the aquaduct…don’t feel like paying another ticket…