2/27/2009: is proof that with hard work, dedication and genuine passion, a successful online business is entirely possible. (Well in my case, I’ve created a giant!)

But Hoboken resident Annetta Zaltzberg started an online gift shop last year, and wants to tell you all about it!

Online Hoboken business: Annjoy

annjoy-hoboken.jpg“My name is Annetta, and I’m relatively new in Hoboken (about 7 months now). I’ve launched my new website just before the holidays. My business is based in Hoboken, (but I don’t have an actual store-front). I invite you to visit my website with the sweet, functional and unique gifts I offer for all-occasions.

I’ve also participated for the first time in a fair right here in Hoboken. You’re probably familiar with the Hoboken Crafts Fair (which was a really nice experience for me).

As a new small business I’m trying to do my best so that people would get to know my work. I’ve heard from many people in Hoboken about your website. My husband visits your website frequently, and he was one of many people who suggested that I will contact you for possible assistance.

I hope you’ll like my work, if there’s a chance you can introduce my work on your website that would be great. Please let me know if you need more information.

Have a sweet day,
Annetta Zaltzberg

BTW, I offer FREE shipping in Hoboken.”

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