Saving money on car insurance


Always helps to shop around

Most car owners probably think they have the best car insurance possible – but with the economy struggling these days, a few helpful reminders to save a couple dollars never hurts!

So why don’t you take a quick look and double-check this handy checklist, courtesy of State Farm® agent Hugo Gonzalez:


Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium

“If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a smart way to save money. Sometimes, saving money can come in the most unlikely place – such as your insurance.

There are several ways you may be able to cut your auto insurance costs. Higher deductibles can lower your premium as will selecting only the coverages you feel you need. Many insurance companies offer different discounts. Here are a few. When shopping for auto insurance, be sure to ask about the availability of these discounts and whether the insurer offers them:

  • New business discount: May offer you a discount as a new policyholder if you have been accident-free for a specific period of time.
  • Accident-free: Policyholders who have been accident-free while being insured with the same insurance company for several years may be eligible for reduced premiums.
  • Discounts for other insurance lines: Premiums may be reduced if you insure your home, life or health with the same company that covers your car.
  • Multiple cars: Premiums may be reduced if there are two or more private passenger cars in the household insured by the same company.
  • Air bag/passive restraint: Cars that are 1993 or older and are equipped with air bags or automatic seat belts may receive this discount. Certain makes and models of newer vehicles may receive the Vehicle Safety Discount because of the lower medical payments associated with them. The Vehicle Safety Discount is for autos 1994 or newer. Certain makes and models may have a decrease in their premiums because of lower medical payments associated with those specific makes/models.
  • Antitheft devices: Some insurance companies offer discounts on comprehensive coverage premiums when certain antitheft devices are installed or built into a vehicle.
  • Defensive driving course: Premium discounts sometimes are offered for the voluntary completion of specified driver improvement courses.
  • Good student: Full-time students (high school or higher level) maintaining at least a “B” average may qualify for reduced premiums with many companies.

These are just a few of the common discounts offered by insurance companies. For more details contact your insurance company or agent. Above all, drive safely.

Hugo Gonzalez is a State Farm agent and may be reached for questions and additional information at (201) 795-0004

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Friday, February 27, 2009 8:39 pm

car renting in hoboken sucks. Hertz is only open certain hours, so if you need a car saturday afternoon, you have to rent for 2-3 days.

Go for rogrssive myrate with the big brother plug in. It gives me a 40% discount over their already goo rate.

Friday, February 27, 2009 10:22 am

keep truckin with it tiger! i plan on keeping our car til it dies. can’t wait til it’s paid off and i can drop collision.

Friday, February 27, 2009 9:57 am

[quote comment=”139258″]if you got a crappy car that you don’t really care how it looks, just to be able to drive – i could see it being cheaper.

i just don’t understand why’d you want to bother with a car in this town unless you really needed it. i’m always looking for a way to get rid of ours, but the wife’s commute isn’t very easy without a car.[/quote]
Like I mentioned in the other thread (dissing GM 🙂 ), I own a car like you described. For me I need it for work — being a consultant and sometimes having assignments in Connecticut and central Jersey. I lived six years in Hoboken without a car, and only got it when asked by work. Financially it works like you said, extensive liability cover, no collision, and a car definitely post it’s prime, but it works well for me. I considered getting a new car but the expense was too much to justify a new car based on my occasional work use.

Friday, February 27, 2009 9:47 am

[quote comment=”139250″][quote comment=”139193″]the best way to save on car insurance in Hoboken is SELL YOUR CAR![/quote]
THANK YOU! I tell that to many people and they always tell me it’s cheaper to have a ‘weekend car’. HOW?

Between car payments, car insurance, regular maintanance, gas, oil changes, inspections, brakes, and other surprises (have you seen how busy willow sunoco is?) a car will to run you a few hundred dollars every month. Unless you commute or use your car for work, it almost always works out cheaper to use ZIPCAR, Enterprise, or Hertz.[/quote]

you’re probably right when comparing to new cars. i can’t see the point of owning a car as a “weekend” car. but if you buy a used honda civic or some other fairly reliable model, don’t put collision on it, park it on the street for $25/yr, it may not cost you all that much.

I never went into details on zipcar, but I’ve heard they are really tough to get on the weekend. Hertz is expensive – it’s always the most expensive option when I rent for work.

if you got a crappy car that you don’t really care how it looks, just to be able to drive – i could see it being cheaper.

i just don’t understand why’d you want to bother with a car in this town unless you really needed it. i’m always looking for a way to get rid of ours, but the wife’s commute isn’t very easy without a car.

Friday, February 27, 2009 9:41 am

[quote comment=”139245″]it’d be really interesting to find out what people pay in Hoboken for Car insurance. Well – the ones with legitimate license plates and registration anyways. I’d love to know car types, insurance provider, and rates. i got such a wide variety of quotes from insurance companies that I couldn’t believe it. Some were almost 3x the lowest quote I got.[/quote]

I have had liberty mutual for almost 10 years. Every year or so I check with a competitor and they quote me a price that is almost double what I pay now. I have never had a ticket or an accident, and I don’t drive my car for work.

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