What would you do with a child shoplifter?

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How would you handle a child shoplifter in Hoboken?

I love it when ABC News films their “What would you do?” pieces in Hoboken – they’ve done a few in the past, including this shoplifting segment back in 2009.

ABC News loves to film investigative segments in Hoboken


Remember how back in October 2007, ABC News had that covert filming operation going on in front of McDonalds? The one about the “sad lost kid” and how many people stopped to help? Well, they hit up Hoboken once again.


A Child Is Shoplifting, Do You Speak Up?

Tonight, after the Obama Speech, ABC News will air another “What Would You Do?” segment about child shoplifters, who are said to represent 25 percent of all offenders. This was shot at the new Dor L’ Dor ladies apparel and accessory store at 413 Washington Street.

“Brooke Johnston, 10, couldn’t reach a hat on the top shelf in a clothing store, so she asked the woman next to her for help. The woman smiled and gladly took the hat from atop its perch and handed it to Brooke. Beaming a cherubic smile, Brooke thanked her and promptly stuffed the hat into her backpack. She was shoplifting, but she wasn’t acting alone. Brooke had been hired by ABC’s “What Would You Do?” to take part in a social experiment. “What Would You Do?” explores parents who use their kids to steal.”

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Ironically I was reading this story last night because they had the segment where the kid was supposed to be lost in front of McDonald’s on TV last night.

Tama Murden

Hats always make the man or woman. But should never be acquired by 5-finger discount.


i think fedoras are cool. i wouldnt wear one on a daily basis, but i did wear one to a semi formal dance/open bar we had a couple of years ago when i was a sophomore…everyone seemed to like it. :mrgreen:


Thanks jscirish27 and cinghiale! See I walked a million times in both locations never noticed it. Maybe I can get my fedora, hang on to it until it’s back in style again 🙂

MR – I’m talking about a classic black or charcoal fedora, color ones are not stylish – at all. never been, never will be.


There used to be this smooth talking fella that used to hang out at 42nd and 8th back in the 90’s who used to wear fedoras. Matching suit too. He had a thing for fusia and purple. I think everything was made out of fabric. It seemed to work well for him – always had a bunch of ladies around him.

Good luck