What is Hoboken St. Patty’s day to you?


It’$ an annual Hoboken tradition…

On Saturday, March 7th – Hoboken will once again get overwhelmed, as thousands of individuals will flock to the streets of the Mile Square to be part of the annual tradition of “wear green, drink, and uh.. I forget what happens next….”


See 411’s philosophy, take the polls, and even contribute – after the jump…

(2009 Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade, continued…)

green-stripe-down-washington-street-for-st-patricks-day-parade.jpgBeing a Hoboken resident for well over a decade, I have to say I’ve gone through somewhat of a metamorphosis. When we first moved to town, the parade was a “must attend” event – downing beers, mingling with peeps, and random reckless debauchery. Then, as time progressed, we started leveling off and “turning down the volume” on social pressures and “everyone else is doing it” type events. As you mature, you realize that tremendous fun can be had essentially each and every day of the year, not just when the rest of the mob is partaking.

Mind you, I have no real problem with others wishing to join the fun. It’s a giant social scene that many “look forward to,” and certainly much will happen that will have many people talking for weeks. Facebook accounts will have updates, Flickr accounts will have new galleries, maybe even some hookups and possibly even new relationships. Many will feel “important” for a day, participating in a notoriously hyped event. No issues there.

However, many people I know have a similar attitude. It’s called “been there, done that.” Nothing seems to change year to year. Yes, it’s a tradition, and some may believe that they’re obligated to participate (like the world would end if they didn’t). But when you step back, and realize that the world will still continue to revolve whether you’re there or not, you have taken a step towards being in control of your own life.

It’s not that we’re getting old, or are unable to have fun. It’s that we realize there are many other ways to enjoy life as well. It doesn’t have to be “where it’s at.” No, you realize that you can make the fun yourself, on your own time – and on your own terms. You realize that just because “everyone else” is doing it, that you shouldn’t have the “left out” feeling. I’m definitely not the only one that sees it this way.

What is the tradition exactly? What gets you excited?

Naturally, the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day is really only for those that are Irish – to celebrate their heritage. The other 95% that participate are “Irish for a day.” What it really boils down to, isn’t necessarily the true meaning, but a reason to party and get drunk – like anyone truly needs a reason to drink these days.

I’m really trying to get to the bottom of what motivates each person who participates in this annual party. What makes the event so special to you? What is the appeal of large crowds, drunken fights, garbage and vomit?


What about the economy?

Do any of you feel the economy will have an impact on the outcome to this year’s parade?


Who benefits? Who doesn’t?

hoboken-st-pattys-day-street-vendor.jpgNaturally, those that benefit in one aspect or another, will promote the event and hope it continues. Groups such as:

  • Parade organizers (pride)
  • Local bar owners, bartenders, liquor stores (big $$$)
  • City employees, police and firemen (for the OT)
  • Politicians (photo ops, publicity)
  • The City Coffers (huge revenue from $1000 tickets)
  • Street vendors ($$$)
  • Boozers, pick-up artists, cougars

Of course, there’s another side of the equation, of folks who actually don’t enjoy this parade and ensuing citywide party whatsoever:

  • The businesses that don’t benefit
  • Property owners who’s homes, cars get damaged
  • Those that don’t enjoy the ruckus, commotion or noise

Field correspondents wanted for live blog!

hoboken-st-pattys-day-kiss-me-im-smashed.jpgRegardless – Since Hoboken411 started, I’ve covered the parade to one degree or another. Whether it’s just a simple parade video – or getting into the bar scene – I will follow the same “been there, done that” mentality this year. I will not repeat what we’ve already done for the parade. It will look essentially the same if we did. Lots of people at bars. Drinking much alcohol, and so on. Unless it’s “girls gone wild,” I doubt these types of videos are worthy of repeat viewings.

So this year, instead of filming people on the streets, becoming inebriated, or just being cute and wearing a creative version of green – Hoboken411 will try a new way of covering the St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Live Blogging. Not as Hoboken411 itself, but collectively as a community.

A couple days prior to the parade, this thread will be updated with the Live Blogging interface. You will be able to chime in with your observations. Whether as a spectator, or a participant. You can send pictures and video. They will get posted to the site as the day progresses.

This is YOUR parade (whether for or against it) and will be documented from your point of view. I will do my job – and report what incidents are taking place during the day.

Send 411 your Twitter account

twitter-st-patricks-day-hoboken.jpgIf you have an iPhone – or even just a Twitter accountcontact 411 to get added to the list of “field reporters” throughout the day. Your Tweets or iPhone contributions will appear on Hoboken411 as the day unfolds. Whether you’re in a bar – or just walking the streets – take part in the live chat all day long!

iPhone users can follow LIVE!
If you have an iPhone, the software used on Hoboken411 for these live blogs can be followed instantly via your shiny Apple communicator. Come back to this thread on St. Patty’s Day for instructions.

Hopefully, nothing insanely bad will happen this year, and everyone has a good time.

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[quote comment=”141859″]Yes! Bring back the orange jumpsuit cleanup crew! then we could all sit and watch THEM scrub up the vomit and pizza shit the next day. perfect.[/quote]

Absolutely – public humiliation is generally a pretty good form of punishment. And a little hard work w/ a hangover also helps!


Yes! Bring back the orange jumpsuit cleanup crew! then we could all sit and watch THEM scrub up the vomit and pizza shit the next day. perfect.


When I walked to the PATH for work on Saturday I decided to take the Observer Highway Rt. figuring that no bars would mean less drunks… boy was I wrong… though I have to say I felt pity for those that stumbled that far beyond the pale. They looked like they had NO idea where the f*ck they were…LOL.


[quote comment=”141801″][quote comment=”141791″]$1000 per summons, with a $200 reduction if they report the next day by 8am to join the clean up crew.


interesting idea! but at that point – hungover – i’d pay the extra $200. lol[/quote]

They could always pay a friend $50 to go in their place. :mrgreen:

The designated buddy.

Sidd Finch
Sidd Finch

Katie and Brady, I’ll probably skip next year but here’s an idea for you: Next time someone is lost in the west side of Hoboken, tell them to follow the order of the presidents but skip John Quincy Adams. I bet the look would be priceless. This is your brain. This is your brain on SPD