Signs your bank is in BIG TROUBLE…


Friday Fun with 411

With the economy teeter-tottering, that doesn’t stop satirical comedians from poking fun at it while the ship goes down.

Here’s one of today’s Friday Fun with 411 entries, courtesy of the Mad Magazine vault:

Signs your bank is in BIG trouble:

  1. Withdrawal slips require a 50-word essay on “Exactly why you want this money”
  2. Online Banking website says: “Closed for routine maintenance, check back in six months
  3. The Bank’s vault has now been converted into an illegal sub-let
  4. There’s now a $5 cover charge to enter the ATM’s vestibule
  5. They offer you an incredible 20% interest rate on a long term CD, provided you don’t touch the money for 100 years
  6. The homeless guy living in the ATM looks suspiciously like the bank manager.
  7. Your monthly statement is replaced with a hand-written I.O.U.
  8. You catch the teller trying to pull the old “two tens for a five” routine on you

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you can buy 2 1/2 shares for the cost of their ATM fee!


What a perfect time for Citi to spend millions and millions of dollars to have its name on a baseball park! 😐


[quote comment=”140648″]Citi common just traded below $1.00….ks you are welcome.[/quote]
Yes, I owe you. . .


I remember interviewing for a job at Citi about a year ago the feedback was that they thought I had an attitude problem (like I was too good for the job)coming from another jumbo company. I remember being soo upset I really wanted the job and was shocked someone gave me that kind of feedbak.

Well you know what things happen for a reason 😉

strand tramp
strand tramp

Citi common just traded below $1.00….ks you are welcome.