Readerpix: Constitution Pollution


Hoboken411 reader Barbara is wondering what this smelly exhaust from the Constitution building is…

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 2/20/2009

“Anyone know what this is about? Noisy exhaust, smelling like burning rubber – we thought there was a fire at first….must be lovely for the folks living there if this is something that happens frequently!

Greetings, Barbara”


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By the way, the building Artie lives in pays over $2.1 mil in taxes. It is not abated. The owners in Maxwell place even pay more. Also, not all the owners are millionaires and most have big mortgages. So much for PILOT’s which come at the expense of the normal or conventional taxpayer. These badly hurt taxpayers also include the two and three story older buildings as well. What we really have in this town is TAX POLLUTION caused by polluted mismanagement. Throw them down the sewer in May! 👿


Maybe she did go inside or call the office.

I also walked past this, and did neither.

Maybe because I didn’t realize it was the Tuesday or Thursday execise day. I figured this was normal and the people who lived around it were just SOL.


the the independence builiding, not the constitution.

The Shipyard buildings all have emergency generators installed in them (one per tower) that are set to exercise themselves weekly to make sure they will be in working order should a real outage occur. I seem to recall it being either Tuesday or Thursday mornings that these tests occur. It clearly appears that the genset in that building needs some attention from maintenance personal. Perhaps instead of posting ‘gotcha’ photos online, the reader who noticed might have just popped in or called the management office and told them their generator was spewing clouds of smelly exhaust into the air.

For those that might really have a gripe w/ Applied, you can report these things to the New Jersey EPA, who issues generator permits and regulates their use and testing.


[quote comment=”137465″]This is coming from Artie Lange’s Bong who lives on the 12th floor of this dump[/quote]

This one is further South. Artie’s bong exhaust is released further north


Just in case Perry or anyone else missed it, you can very easily rotate your photos within windows when you open them in the default picture viewer, the picture and fax viewer. At the bottom there’s 2 little arcing arrows next to each other. It’l permanently rotate the pic.