Will we need a 2nd homeless shelter?



Economic Stimulus or not, the jobless rate keeps increasing. Here’s an interesting article from change.org:

The Coming Crisis: White Collar Homelessness

“Last month, unemployment rates surged to 7.6 percent. As the jobless population becomes older and more educated, many are ending up with no car, no job prospects, no health insurance, and – before long – no home. Will the dramatic increase of unemployment change the face of homelessness in America?

According to data from the Labor Department, more jobs have been lost in the past 12 months than any other period since the government began keeping records in 1939. Perhaps most disconcerting is that experts predict unemployment will get worse before it gets better. In 1991 and 2001, unemployment didn’t hit its peak until two years after those recessions ended.”

Read the rest here.

Additionally – some folks believe this current “recession” (or depression) isn’t as bad as the media portrays… but take a look at this chart below comparing current job losses to previous recessions. See chart below, and take a look at this YouTube Video.

What’s next for us?


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[quote comment=”137680″]. Happy to be a Hobokener and hope to help it survive the greatest depression ever.[/quote]

let’s not jump the gun, drama’s not the answer


I agree – there is no safety net. High end jobs are disappearing and the under 40K jobs are growing, if you can find one amongst the thousands vying for them. I think as Hoboken residents, as a community we need to think about what we can do for our community, how we can we help each other, keep it vital keep it thriving – as much as possible. That might mean different things to different people. I’m not even sure what it means to me yet – but keep it local, keep it vocal, do what you can when you can feels right.

We might end up with even more for rent/for sale signs everywhere, someday homes empty and abandoned, and more out of business stores on Washington and what do we do, how do we keep hope and life flourishing here? Don’t mean to be depressing, but we have to face it in order to inspire support and create vision and new ideas.

Since none of us have ever lived through terrible times like these before, it is only natural that we can’t imagine a 2nd homeless shelter for “us”. I think its a real possibility. I’m new here – and probably quite a bit older than most of you – and I love it – I feel at home here. Happy to be a Hobokener and hope to help it survive the greatest depression ever.

Tama Murden

It veers all over the spectrum now, the “down & out’s.”
And that’s the harsh reality that will only get more acute.

Interesting that some folks are criticizing the Madoff “victims” rather than Madoff.
What do you think about him, separate from some senior who chose to put everything in one place? He’s rising to the occasion @ $10/hr.—what’s Madoff doing to take responsibility, besides an ankle bracelet in his penthouse?

As well, why is that clearly emotionally disturbed woman with multiple plastic-surgeries & IVF’s being pilloried, rather than than the doctors who played her vulnerabilities & in turn, the system? Regarding her, it’s looking like she may be thwarted from pursuing the media’s exploitation—her publicists have reportedly bailed & her donation website is down.

And while there’s reportedly an interest in yet another heinous reality TV series, that may fall by the wayside w/all the bad publicity. What’s critical, is that her children’s welfare is the priority and is evaluated and addressed.

And re more Hoboken residents falling on hard times, just b/c it might look white & white-collar, don’t presume there’s a quantitative and qualitative safety-net. That might just be the next big lie.


[quote comment=”137612″]”From $700K to $10/hour
A 90-year-old man who lost his life savings to accused fraudster Bernie Madoff is forced back to work”

What would be great is if they could put this Madoff-douche to work instead of simply imprisoning him. Maybe have him sweep up the streets everyday or clean bathrooms. Yeah, that sounds like a good deal to me.


Headline:109 year old man shot – killed by jealous husband :mrgreen: