Recession soccer in Hoboken

4/12/2009 Update:

The word “recession” makes any story newsworthy!

Back in February 2009, Hoboken411 was the first the publish this story about Ian Sacs’ “Recession Soccer” program down at Sinatra Field. Then a Swedish paper picked it up, along with other lesser read sites – and now the NY Times has picked up the story as well!

There ya go – Hoboken411 – giving other media outlets ideas for thee years now!

4/2/2009 Update:

A Swedish newspaper picked up the Recession Soccer story last month. The English translation on the site isn’t too shabby, either!

Thanks to Hoboken411 reader Heather for the tip!


Original story…


Hoboken411 reader Ian has setup a weekly “get your frustrations out on the soccer field” event over at Sinatra Park. (The event is not rain or shine, so check the weather…)


Recession Soccer: Carpe Diem!

Laid-off? Fired? Sacked? GREAT! Come play soccer with us from 11-2pm on Fridays at the Hoboken waterfront field and work off some of those jobless alcohol calories!

Q: “I just got fired, why the heck would I want to play soccer with you fools?”

A: We were fired too! So now we need some sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and to expand our social network. Besides, nothing makes your still-employed mates feel like corporate hacks more than texting them that you’re off to a little footie while they’re stuck in the office! And on the field, it’s the least likely place for anyone to ask how work’s going. Most important – it’s FREE!

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I’m sure the Swedes got a kick out of this story, and some might have wondered what the big deal was to be laid off. With their very generous “cradle to the grave” benefits (though less generous with the latest government), I know several Swedes who have made unemployment a career!


Great idea, but I suck at soccer. Anyone starting up Recession Softball? :mrgreen:


Ah, the joys of The Game. Almost enough to buy all the problems of the moment.
Because the beautiful game is the moment.