Update: Street paving in 2009

8/31/2009 Update:

Some potholes to be eradicated…

Here’s a list of roads set to be paved the next two weeks and beyond. Note that they were not on the original list published in the beginning of 2009:

  • Grand Street between 10th & 11th (8/31-9/3)
  • Grand Street between 15th & 16th (9/4-9/9)
  • Adams Street between 15th & 16th (TBD)
  • 10th Street between Park & Garden (TBD)
  • 3rd Street between Garden & Bloomfield (TBD)

See original entry below…


Smoother ride coming in some areas

hoboken english paving machine - Update: Street paving in 2009

We all know some roads in Hoboken can damage cars as well as internal organs.

With water mains breaking, construction sites abound, and general lack of maintenance – it’s refreshing to know at least some street will receive a “face lift” this year.

Is your street on the list? Is there a particular road that’s blatantly missing?

Roads slated to be resurfaced in 2009

  • 14th Street – Willow to Hudson
  • 15th Street – Park to Willow
  • 16th Street – Part to Willow
  • Garden Street – all but Newark to 4th (done last year)
  • Hudson Place – between Texas Arizona and Hobsons
  • Hudson Street – 14th down to Observer
  • Newark Street – all but Willow to Hudson
  • Park Avenue – 11th down to Observer

Once the weather warms up – expect lots of trucks and paving equipment to brighten your day!

You can read how Hoboken got the $410,000 grant from the State here.

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How much of this paving has been done? I only see the north part of town, but 14th, 15th, 16th, Hudson, and Park haven’t been touched. Once the weather warmed up, we were supposed to see lots of paving trucks and the such. The weather is turning colder, and …


All of the streets, should be properly paved…with our ratables and taxes, they could almost be paved ‘in gold’.


Hudson County will pave some Hoboken streets over the next four years and then return control of those streets to Hoboken. Our city leaders often bemoan the relative lack of county services given the taxes Hoboken pays; though in the short-term we get some streets paved, what is the long-term effect of getting these streets back? What does this really mean?

Dave Roberts speaks:



Please! Do something about Jackson St from Newark to 1st and all of those roads around ShopRite


You could email your city councilperson for a quick repair. That worked a few times for us when the councilperson was Michael Cricco.