Hoboken Week in Review – 2/15/2009


Another Busy Week on 411

So much going on in Hoboken these days, right? Politics ramping up by the week, the global economy affecting everyone, baseball remains tainted, taxes remain one of the top issues – and a whole lot more!

So, what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, February 15, 2009?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Residents remain divided about the “Economic Stimulus”
    You thought local Hoboken politics was a divided subject? Check out this thread about Obama’s Economic plans for the USA. Couldn’t be more black and white.
  2. Speaking of Obama…
    Barack’s speech gets people talking. I missed it, but lived vicariously through you all.
    State points finger at City, as $4.2 million in unauthorized early retirement checks are handed out like nougat on Halloween. “Treat or Treat!”
  4. Uptown? Downtown? Crosstown?
    One resident thinks taxis are scamming peeps. Head Hoboken taxi-gal doesn’t approve.
  5. Toll Brothers “deep discounting stimulus”
    Hoboken developer Toll Brothers is slashing prices like Crazy Eddie to move increasing real estate inventory.
  6. Love me. Love me not. You ain’t getting no love unless…
    You buy me some serious Valentine’s Day gifts! Hoboken411 doesn’t really play along with Hallmark Holidays.
  7. A better concept for downtown Hoboken
    The Neumann Leathers Tenants Association unveils what they believe to be an ideal future for the artists and residents.
  8. Dual sides. One language.
    The hotly contested HoLa! Dual Language program dies before it’s born. A few residents are miffed beyond sensibility.
  9. Richest player in baseball cheats
    The Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal and lies will be an ongoing subject for many many months.
  10. Local Councilman becomes 2nd Mayoral Candidate
    At-large Councilman Peter Cammarano tosses his hat into the mosh pit called the Hoboken Mayoral Election.

Other noteworthy stories

  • We all love candy!
    The Candy Shoppe on 4th Street opens up and pleases sweet teeth everywhere!
  • Manly Beauty
    An ultra-high-end Men’s Salon coming soon. Very creative name: The Hoboken Man. Hey, at least it’s in English!
  • Is NYC grossly over-priced?
    A Yahoo! News report indicates that living in NYC is much costlier than pretty much everywhere else.

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