Neumann Leathers Re-development continues

Neumann Leathers fight drags on in Hoboken, NJ

Last week, “the city” announced some plans for a property that doesn’t below to them. And while the city has their fingerprints all over this new “plan,” the owners of the Neumann Leathers property have been proposing this exact plan (minus some control-freak minutiae) for quite a while. But now that the city is involved, it’s “okay.”

Neumann Leathers Redevelopment Plan

This area could have been fully complete over a decade ago – but “officials” always have to meddle around with their pie in the sky ideals and moving targets of perfection. Adding the mix are residents and tenants that have been conditioned to tout their “rights” over someone else’s business or property. This socialist society we live in is getting harder and harder by the year.

I cannot even guess how many millions of dollars was either squandered away, or re-directed to the pockets of others during this drawn-out debacle.

But in the end – you get your 12-story high-rise nonetheless.

This, combined with any re-development south of Observer Highway – and downtown Hoboken will be a clusterfuck till 2025 and beyond.

See some other (similar) debates about this parcel of land from last decade below…

2009 Plan: Revitalize Neumann Leathers


Does this alternative plan that makes sense?
neumann leathers hoboken hybrid plan rendering - Neumann Leathers Re-development continues

The Neumann Leathers Tenants Association is proposing a smarter plan for the historic factory site: Restore historic buildings, preserve a haven for arts and industry, create a new public space, and generate new development.

The opportunity unveiled in the fliers below is the alternative to the doomsday proposal now in front of the Zoning Board. Trammell Crow Residential wants to remove the tenants, tear down the buildings and start over. The NLTA plan brings the iconic Hoboken 19th century buildings into the 21st century with new public space and historic preservation. The plan has been in the works for over a year following outreach with the community and consultation with experts in the development field. The NLTA press release and newsletter outline the plans below:

Press Release

NLTA informational flier

neumann leathers press release thumb hoboken411 2 - Neumann Leathers Re-development continuesneumann hybrid plan flier thumb 2 - Neumann Leathers Re-development continues

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Hoboken411 has all the Neumann Info

Hoboken411 has been keeping you up to date on the battle to save Neumann Leather from the very beginning:

Site Plan

neumann proposed site map - Neumann Leathers Re-development continues
neumann proposed site map legend - Neumann Leathers Re-development continues

Press Release
Informational Flyer

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Thursday, February 12, 2009 12:07 pm

[quote comment=”135632″]The Hoboken Terminal Ferry Terminal, and/or the plaza out front would also be a perfect location for a farmers market.[/quote]

I very much agree. That would at least make it accessible to people from outside of town … Jump on the light rail or PATH and go to the market, just like taking the subway to 14th Street in the city.

Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:45 am

The Hoboken Terminal Ferry Terminal, and/or the plaza out front would also be a perfect location for a farmers market.

Thursday, February 12, 2009 8:07 am

[quote comment=”135368″][quote comment=”135344″] Why settle for less when we couyld have so much more.[/quote]

Simple, because we are Hoboken. This isn’t Manhattan. This is Hoboken, build to the masses, not the foodies of this board who will compromise the 2% blip of shopping to such a site. Been here 14 years man, I have seen places try microbrews (remember Maxwells attempt?) and fail miserably.

Hey, i’m all for vision, but there’s no chance a quaint little seasonal stall area would work here. No way. You will have the howling masses on here crying “it’s too expensive!” or “they don’t have the black truffle oil that I can get in barcelona!” and whining and wringing their hands. Boo hoo.

jscirish27 & bmac – certainly like your enthusiasm, but I don’t see either idea as profitable. who pays for these creations? who puts the money out there? TCR, out of the goodness of their heart decides to forgo the better profitable solution over the idealized one? I don’t think so. They will want to lease those retail outlets and maximize their profits, and a seasonal vendor area would be a difficult sell. Maybe moving the Farmer’s Market from Washington St to here would work…[/quote]

Perfect example of how Hoboken got like it is now: “TCR, out of the goodness of their heart decides to forgo the better profitable solution over the idealized one? I don’t think so.”

Thursday, February 12, 2009 8:03 am

Just what we need, more ugly fVcking new buildings in town. Are the engineers and architects so retarded that they can’t revamp an old building to make it beautiful and functional?

Thursday, February 12, 2009 1:31 am

Furey– So because we are not Manhattan means we have to build something crappy? A Chelsea Market-style place with other retail stores (clothing, kitchen, etc), artist space, and condos built above would not be profitable? I totally disagree. If you build something that can be enjoyed by all — something with an open piazza; restaurants; coffee shops; seasonal markets; craftsman and artists spaces; people would go there. It would benefit the whole community. BTW, I am not a “foodie.” A “foodie” is someone for whom food is a hobby. I am a professional chef who spends 10-12 hours six days a week in my restaurant’s kitchen cooking. You’re damn right I have a passion for not settling for average when we could make something great. You are right about one thing. Hoboken is not Manhattan. Instead of constantly comparing ourselves to something we are not, maybe we should instead strive to be the city we want to be. Building something with integrity on this site would be a a huge step in the right direction.

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