Hoboken BoE Meeting – 2/10/2009


Board of Education Meeting Preview

It should be another hot night for the Hoboken Board of Education!

board of education feb 10 2009 - Hoboken BoE Meeting - 2/10/2009

In addition to the appointment of a trustee to take the seat left behind by Hudson County Freeholder and Hoboken Police Captain Anthony “Stick” Romano, the proposed HoLa dual-language immersion experiment is also up for discussion again. The board may majority may rescind it’s previous resolution supporting the HoLa effort only to offer another plan of action to implement it anyway. By the way, there was no new information about the upcoming budget from Superintendent Jack Raslowsky last night. He reiterated that he did not intend to grow the budget beyond the four percent allowed by the state without a waiver. Several members of the Hoboken Tax Reform Coalition were on hand to ask questions and make statements.

Raslowsky left as one speaker made a statement, and a security guard was brought in to move people out of the Calabro School by 9:30pm.

Tonight’s meeting in the basement fallout shelter in back of the Wallace School (11th and Willow) begins with a presentation at 6pm, followed by the full meeting at 7pm.

First, a list of unanswered questions…

A list of questions has been “making the email rounds” in Hoboken about the current state of affairs at the BoE. See the questions below – and the full agenda for tonight’s meeting after the break.

  • The existing District K-3 are very solid programs…why institute a new K-1 program now?
  • The new Hola School will quickly grow to 20 fully equipped, fully staffed classrooms. (2x the size of Calabro) How much will this cost. Where is the budget? Where will the funding come from moving forward?
  • Does Hoboken need another K-8 school when many current grades are in need of attention?
  • The Middle Schools are all in SINI (School In Need of Improvement), what is the Superintendent’s plan to address these schools?
  • How can we afford this new school when we must, by law, fund tutoring for the grades that didn’t pass NJASK?
  • Why is the Superintendent abdicating his powers to initiate new programs to the Program Committee (Raia and Garcia)?
  • Why would the Superintendent allow the Program Committee (Raia and Garcia) launch a new school now…months before a massive District–Wide Curriculum re-write? Where does the new school fit into the new curriculum goals?
  • Why does the Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent and the Program Committee (Raia and Garcia) continue to meet so frequently with the founders of the Dual Language Program, who have no students in the district and the program has not been approved?
  • Why does the Superintendent, the Asst. Superintendent and the Program Committee (Raia and Garcia) refuse to meet with the District parents to discuss strategy and implementation of new programs to meet the needs of the failing SINI students in the district.

If “Hola” passes on Tuesday night, a course of action will be set in place to establish a new K-8 school in Hoboken…growing by 2 classes every year.

Shouldn’t we expect some community dialogue before we commit the entire City to this initiative?



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(Board of Education Meeting, continued…)

Hoboken Board of Education Agenda

For February 10, 2009 Meeting


  1. N.J. School Boards Association Presentation – Board Members Self-Evaluation
  2. Approval of minutes.
  3. Policy Manual Revisions – 6000 Series – 1st Reading
  4. Discussion and Possible Appointment of Board Member to fill vacancy;Appointment of Treasurer of School Moneys to fill vacancy.
  5. Procedures for 2009 Annual School Board Election.
  6. Personnel: resignations, appointments, transfers and postings.
  7. Closed session discussion on litigation settlement, current litigation, potential litigation and personnel items, discussion of negotiations with Hoboken School Employees Association and (HSEA) and Hoboken School Administrators/Principals Association.
  8. Leaves of absence; Family Leave; Maternity Leave.
  9. Utilization of facilities: outside agencies and community facility requests.
  10. Fiscal reports, school reports, Board Committee reports, Board Secretary/Treasurer Reports, Fire Drill reports.
  11. Possible discussion and/or action on the future of the school district’s facilities.
  12. Board Rescission of previous Resolutions #20A and B from the November 18, 2008 meeting regarding ‘Hola’ consulting contract and funding.
  13. Authorization of Superintendent to plan for the establishment of an English-Spanish dual language program as recommended by the Program Committee.
  14. Attendance at workshops, field trips.
  15. Approval of payroll.
  16. Designation of Authorized Signer on Checking Accounts.
  17. Claims, regular and Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator.
  18. Revenue and appropriation adjustments – NCLB Title I Supplemental Education Services.
  19. Contracts entered into pursuant to N.J. Cooperative Purchasing Program (State contracts).
  20. Letter of Credit as collateral for deductible workers compensation insurance policy.
  21. Award of professional services contracts through fair and open RFQ process.
  22. Acceptance of Impact Aid.
  23. Addition to contract award.

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