Cops on ticket blitz tonight!


hoboken police ticketing cars - Cops on ticket blitz tonight!

May suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome soon!

Hoboken cops are kicking ass tonight – by punishing those that make our roads and intersections unsafe.

Just in the past hour or so, I’ve heard what sounds like dozens of tickets issued across the city for the infamous “too close to an intersection” violations. Sometimes four to six at each location! Way to go HPD!

Also – some officers are currently along the “bend” on Sinatra Drive – with about 15 (fifteen) cars that are improperly parked, causing what could be a dangerous situation with speeding drivers that might be under the influence. They’re trying to find enough tow trucks to yank the offenders from the spots.

If they just issued 100 more tickets per day (and at an average of $50 per) – that would result in an extra $1.8 million dollars in revenue annually for the cash-strapped city.

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Checkpoints have to be in the interest of a compelling public safety issue that overrides the intrusive nature (i.e. DWI checkpoints, immigration checkpoints out West)….come on KS, classic “balancing test” essay question 🙂 Checkpoints also cannot be random, in the sense they must stop every car, or every xth car, not just who they feel like.

If memory serves correct, there must be advance notice that a checkpoint will be conducted (the exact location needn’t be detailed).

If the police weren’t stopping traffic, merely standing on the shoulder or median and observing, then it wouldn’t be a “seizure” and thus not a checkpoint. No different then sitting behind a billboard and seeing who comes by.

“Do you know why I stopped you meow?”


These are perfectly legal as long as they’re not singling out or profiling drivers. They routinely check people for drinking and other things at the entrances to the Holland/Lincoln tunnel.

Fact is, it’s about time they started enforcing the laws, both parking and moving violations.


[quote comment=”135077″]you break the law you gotta pay.[/quote]


you break the law you gotta pay.


[quote comment=”135065″][quote comment=”135061″]Yep. Real “Police State”. Very rude to several drivers as well.[/quote]
But I don’t understand, what specifically were they checking — just that drivers had valid license, insurance and registration? I have never heard of a mass checkpoint for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing was illegal.[/quote]
I was caught in one these in Philly once. It cost me about $500 b/c my tags were expired. I can’t imagine why it would be illegal to do this.