Hoboken Week in Review – 2/8/2009


Business as usual in Hoboken

Things are back to normal in the mile square city these days. With about 90 days left till the big Mayoral election in May – watch out for the political smear to get worse and worse. Hopefully the economy doesn’t follow suit.

So, what made the most discussed entries for the week ending Sunday, February 8, 2009?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. Residents getting squeezed left and right
    One Hoboken411 reader shares how the economy as well as Hoboken tax increases are making things more difficult. Others agree.
  2. And the taxes may go up once again…
    “Unauthorized” pension benefits add up to over $4 million more dollars that the residents may be on the hook for.
  3. And they want to build more high rises?
    City officials are salivating at the thought of a Rockerfeller-influenced development crowding uptown streets.
  4. Meanwhile, our dollar is getting weaker…
    Some videos that show how the influx of added money to the economy is actually a bad thing.
  5. Zimmer and friends drink at a bar
    Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer holds a fundraiser at a crowded bar at peak time. One Hoboken411 reader wrote in and said: “If you had a fund raiser and Grand Central Terminal, would you tell everyone 100,000 people attended?”
  6. Hoboken kids like throwing ice balls
    A roving pack of Hoboken juveniles pelt everything in sight with their snowballs.
  7. Economy stink? So do the increased bugrlaries…
    It appears that crime is up in Hoboken, as well as the rest of the country.
  8. Illegally Parking. Paying Tickets. Giving the city free money.
    “I’ll take doing stupid things in Hoboken for $800, Alex.”
  9. Smear. Finger pointing. Shady Tactics.
    “I’ll take Hoboken Politics for $600, Alex.”
  10. Who’s the next “Top Cop?”
    A short list of 5 contenders for the next Hoboken Police Chief.

Other noteworthy stories

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