Taxpayers demand immediate answers!


Hoboken resident Toni Tomarazzo sent the following note to all city council members. She’s asking for an immediate “meeting of the whole” in light of the recent $4.2 million dollar pension cost that was deemed “unauthorized” and may be borne on property taxpayers:

hoboken city hall question marks - Taxpayers demand immediate answers!

Must take proactive steps


It is very disheartening to learn of another “blunder” by the Administration. The taxpayers of Hoboken are learning of the $4.2 million in pension costs that Hoboken must apparently pay due to an unapproved retirement plan.

We all deserve answers as to what happened and what the City’s options are to deal with this mess.

I ask the Council President to IMMEDIATELY call a “meeting of the whole” and invite the fiscal monitor or others to explain to the public exactly what happened. The Council is encouraged to use your subpoena power, if necessary, to get the individuals to appear that can provide the answers.

It is very important that this Council work quickly to provide transparency on this issue. It will be a huge advantage to all members of the Council to work together to get this done IMMEDIATELY…get the meeting scheduled and notify the public that you are taking proactive steps to challenge what happened and provide clear information regarding steps that are necessary going forward.

Thank you for your consideration.

Toni Tomarazzo

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So the city council is all silent about it, not a word about it; Kleinman continues to sit shamelessly in the council meetings, like nothing ever happened. Is there such a thing called disbarrement in his world, because if it was just ignorance, than his resignation should have happened already.


[quote comment=”134420″]Has anyone tried to e-mail Council Woman Castellano? I used the listed e-mail address on her website ( and my messages keep bouncing back.[/quote]

Actually, there are 3 council member addresses where e-mails routinely bounce back:



Has anyone tried to e-mail Council Woman Castellano? I used the listed e-mail address on her website ( and my messages keep bouncing back.


Bluntly, Mayor Roberts was elected by the Machine & others which footed the bill for approx.$1.3 mil. to beat Carol Marsh. It is up to the voting public to choose just how much the current council is also responsible? May 09 is important!
It was HIS budget that was overspent by over $10mil and caused the state supervision. He appointed HIS directors and business administrator who were charged to do their best. Enough said, the facts speak loudly…current situation is getting worse by the minute. There are pros and cons re. Judy Tripodi, however, if she wasn’t here the same old mismanagement would go on with no correction at all. She still has a lot to do and I am sure that more shocking examples of this sad administration will enfold. Based on past experience, this is a given! The only sure thing is that the taxpayers are the ‘patsies’ as has been said by many in the newpapers and at council meetings. Now is is good that the general public has awakened…to the messages that Mo DeGennaro, S. Cappiello, Helen Hirsh, Charles Mancini, Rich Tremitiedi, Jon Gordon and Mike Lenz have been saying for years…yes.. years…It’s great news to see many others now joining suit. Vote in May 09 for a balanced change in government that will truly represent all of the public and not the big honcho’s. ❓


[quote comment=”134218″]Mayor Roberts is a very wise man and I really don’t think you people should be questioning his plans for the city. He was elected fair and square and now he’s everybody’s Mayor. Who is this woman from Trenton to tell the Mayor what is legal? Why doesn’t she take a donut, shove it in her mouth, and take a ride on NJ Transit back to Trenton and clean that town up before she comes up here stirring up “problems”.[/quote]
I don’t know Mayor Roberts personally. I know he had quite a reputation when he owned East L.A. I do know that there is corruption in this town and there always has been. I’m not sure if Toni’s “causing problems” means trying to clean up corruption and if cleaning up corruption is what is bothering you or the fact that she is from Trenton or likes donuts. I’ve been in Hoboken for 15 years and if my taxes go up because our leaders screwed up (intentionally or not) the pension plan…. I want it fixed NOW! Our taxes are crazy in this town as it is.