Taylor Newell at MackeyBlue


If you haven’t been over to MackeyBlue (12th and Wash) recently – here’s what’s new:


Experience the energy of Taylor Newell’s works of art currently on display at MackeyBlue!

Fourteen are available for viewing, including selections from Taylor’s NYC Series as well as various mixed media pieces. Taylor is a Graphic Designer by day and painting is one of his passions. Read more about Taylor at www.thenewellyorker.com and check out his newsletter as well.

Also on scene at MackeyBlue is new art created by the Nest Early Learning Center in the form of hearts for our Valentine window display. The hearts were handmade by 3, 4 and 5 year-olds in the rocks, rivers and trees classes.

MackeyBlue is located on 12th street between Washington and Bloomfield.

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