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Most regular readers know that my dog Oscar is the unofficial Hoboken411 mascot.

I take good care of my Chow-Chow/Collie mix, spent lots of quality time (he sometimes helps with the site), and take him with me almost everywhere. He’s in good health, eats quality food, and everyone loves him!

However, one thing that was lacking was a good grooming. I brush him from time to time, and is a great looking pup, but with the recent snow & mud, along with the regular abuse at the dog park – he was getting quite ratty. A couple friends strongly suggested a new dog groomer in town.

hoboken411 oscar before and after erica li - Erica Li - Dog Groomer

Erica Li – an amazing groomer!

A recent graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming, Erica seems to have found her calling! As one of the many victims of the tumultuous economic cutbacks, she was laid off along with the thousands of others in the area. She decided to follow what she was passionate about – dogs.

I scheduled an appointment this past week at her uptown 14th Street location. You can either drop your dog off, or she can pickup and deliver – your choice. So what were the results?

Affordable full service treatment

For starters, Erica’s pricing is very reasonable. A simple bath and brush out starts at $25, and for a full grooming most average sized dogs are around $45 – and includes pretty much everything you can imagine: A bath and drying, brushing as well as haircut/shave if needed, nails, and ears. Teeth can be done for a nominal fee ($5).

She’s also very flexible with the scheduling – if you need to leave your dog there for an extended period, it’s perfectly OK. No cages are used at any point.

Additionally, she offers sliding scale pricing for those that may be suffering economically (unemployed, etc.)

A perfectionist!

This is where the difference shows. Unlike going to more commercial places (such as Petco – which isn’t horrible by any means) – you get very personalized treatment. Erica will not just rush the job to get ready for the next client – she’ll make sure the dog is done properly. Like a professional hair stylist, your dog will not be ready until Erica feels right about it!

In my instance, Oscar got a bit of a haircut, because being a medium/long haired dog he was a bit out of control (matted, etc). She also trimmed, let’s say, the “private areas” to make sure they stay clean in the future. I got a brand new dog! I was so excited, and so was Oscar – who was exceptionally light on his paws and was almost proud of his new “do!”

A fantastic experience

erica li box - Erica Li - Dog GroomerI really enjoy doing business with people that are passionate about their work. Erica is no exception. Normally, Oscar gets a bit nervous when I drop him off somewhere – in this case, he was a happy camper!

She chose working with dogs because she loves them, and it shows!

You can reach Erica via phone at 917-747-5524 or email

If you use her services, tell her Hoboken411 sent you, and please share your experience in the comment section!

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i’m going to add to the chorus of compliments – my wheaton terrier stella got groomed by erica for the 1st time a few weeks ago and i was happy with her service. we have probably used at least 5 different groomers at this point and i was never totally thrilled with any of them – erica has better prices, is so close to where i live (tea bdg), is very pleasant and gave Stella a good haircut (she had to be shaved b/c of matting but that was really my fault for not getting her in there sooner). i look fwd to seeing how she does when i bring her in next and she doesn’t need a shave but i’m confident from my one experience and all the good things i’ve heard that i’ll be happy – would def recommend . .


I would have to agree with you all that Erica is a great groomer. Bo Bo and Oreo had a great time and were resting comfortably on Erica’s lap when I came to pick them up. They smelled great and their nails were trimmed to perfection. Bo Bo and Oreo love their new groomer and look forward to coming back….Lisa


Erica is Amazing! I took my dog Snoop to her this weekend and he looks so awesome! A complete doggie make over, I couldn’t be anymore happy with her services. Glad I found her and Snoop will be visiting again!


Erica groomed our dog last week too. She looked so cute and smelled so good when I picked her up! She was able to play for about an hour after she was done with her grooming and also came home and slept for the afternoon. She had a ball playing with Erica’s 3 dogs. Erica is our new groomer!


Erica did a fantastic job on my puppy. It was her first haircut and she came back looking so cute! I agree with ILuvHoboken, Erica is so flexible, and my dog got in some playtime and treats. I will definitely bring her back to get her nails clipped and haircut again. Take your pup to Erica!!