Cool Gadget Report – 2/6/2009


Hoboken411 is a gadget freak

For my whole life – I’ve been a hard-core gadget lover.

From wacky devices that don’t do much – to very useful and handy products, I’ve seen way more than your average share of various gear.

I’m going to try and publish periodical “Cool Gadget Reports” (or similar posts) from time to time. These are items I believe you will get some use out of – and might be interested in.

Today, you’ll learn more about Hoboken411’s “Flashlight Fetish” or “Love for LED’s” – along with some useful add-ons for your iPhone or regular cell.

hoboken411 cool gadget report - Cool Gadget Report - 2/6/2009

What’s hot this week?

I have a penchant for things that light up. From insane lasers, super powerful spotlights to energy efficient LED bulbs, flashlights and rope lights – I got ’em all. Suppose I like saying “boy, that was a bright idea!”

One site I’ve used regularly is They have a rather small, but useful collection of devices, such as:

Super Bright pocket light for $4

gg1 - Cool Gadget Report - 2/6/2009Remember the “Maglite?” That black metal flashlight that was the “must have” light years ago? Well this little pocket flashlight is brighter than that! My obsession these days is finding the best, brightest and most affordable LED lights around.

LED bulbs are amazing. Energy efficient and long lasting (usually 100k hours). Why the government is pushing the CFL’s (compact fluorescent) instead of these is beyond comprehension. Probably has to do with some connected people that got government contracts.

Anyway, this CJ-1 Pocket LED Flashlight is only $3.99, runs on a single AA battery – and will blind you if you stare at it for more than a second. Incredible. Perfect to keep in your car, bag or purse, and perfect to take dog walking at night to help find the poo too!

Bright bike light

gg2 - Cool Gadget Report - 2/6/2009We may still be in the heart of winter – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead for the warmer seasons.

For those that enjoy riding their bikes as much as I do, will find that they’ll even ride them after sunset. And knowing Hoboken is a treacherous town for drivers, pedestrians and bikers alike – you might want to prepare yourself with some safety measures, such as this bright LED bike light.

Powered by 3 LED lights, it easily clamps to your handlebar – and swivels as needed.

Better safe than sorry, right? Only $9.99

Charge your iPhone at Pier A!

gg3 - Cool Gadget Report - 2/6/2009Many of you will be chilling out over at Pier A once the warmer weather is upon us, right?

Well what if you iPhone or regular cell is low on juice?

This great gadget is a Hybrid external battery and solar charger. You can either juice it up via USB and carry with you in case you run low – or even charge it while lounging in the sun.

A great way to harness the free power of the solar system for only $19.99.

Well what about after dark? or an emergency?

gg4 - Cool Gadget Report - 2/6/2009This is a genius invention – and should be sold at every convenience store across the country: An emergency AA power source for your phone!

Not everyone has immediate access to a power source (car, computer, AC outlet) – and if you’re in the city one night – and forgot to charge your phone, this is a perfect, compact device to have handy. It’ll give you a couple hours of use off a single AA battery! How cool is that?

It can save you a big headache if you need to meet up with friends, make an emergency call, or call a cab. Only $3.99 too!

I guess for those that use the excuse “my cell died,” this product is not for you. Haha!

While I’ll be reserving this feature for products that I’ve used or personally recommend – I’m open for suggestions, as the “guinea pig” of electronics!

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strand tramp
strand tramp
Friday, February 6, 2009 3:03 pm

i’m betting my link improves the quality of life for more women here than your link, even if it’s just for a couple hours.

Friday, February 6, 2009 2:56 pm

I recommend for techie info that can improve your quality of life.

Friday, February 6, 2009 2:32 pm

[quote comment=”133924″]Tramp, are you one of those pervs that gets all hot watching the O’Reilly Factor when he shows all those sexay advertisements ? :lol:[/quote]
Before he answers this, I want to ask two questions:
1. Are you 25, female, blond, contortionist who is built like a model and able to hold your liquor like an Indian?

2. Would you be more likely, a lot more likely, or definitely going to do it likely to bone him if he answers yes to your question.


strand tramp
strand tramp
Friday, February 6, 2009 2:30 pm

i don’t watch oreilly, but i handed these models out as party favors at the last cocktail party i had. big laughs, lots of jokes, none were left behind by the party guests. i guess te bright colors were a big hit. also, Screaming-O makes quality products at reasonable prices. and deliveries in the Amazon boxes helps too! 😉

Friday, February 6, 2009 2:19 pm

Tramp, are you one of those pervs that gets all hot watching the O’Reilly Factor when he shows all those sexay advertisements ? 😆

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