Costco-style real estate sales?


Hoboken411 reader YipYap thought you might be interested in this new real estate trend of “sell a lot of properties quick – we need the cash!”


Albatross in the coal mine

Some quotes:

“Not so long ago, many New York City developers modeled their sales efforts on stores like Barneys, marketing luxury wares to consumers with nary a half-off sticker in sight. Nowadays, however, builders might be taking their cues from businesses like Costco.”

“The above examples aren’t the only ones. Faced with a stagnant market and looming loans, more and more developers are finding the notion of bulk condo sales attractive. “When you can’t sell retail, you sell wholesale,” said Eric Anton, a principal at the investment services firm Eastern Consolidated.”

Is Hoboken next to follow this trend?

See full story here.

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ron mexico2
ron mexico2

What happens if the Costco method doesn’t work?

The Dollar General method?

All condos 99k or less?


I can see Hudson Place offering the Garden Street Lofts on a Green Skid soon…